My My, bad news for the readers of this fine site. I have realized that between my audio diary and my book, I find little time or initiave to add to this site. On top of that, I know maybe 5 or 6 people hit this site a day, but do you like it? I guess I only want to update it if people enjoy it. So, if you like this site, even one little bit, let me know. drop me a line at jvos@ecenet©com thanx


Wow, I've just had one of the most painful experiences of my life© My parents and I went over to our neighbor's house for a fish fry and it was horrible© He entertained us with stories of how his wife is divorcing him and running off with the no good lawyer, "that lawyer's gonna get his lights punched out©" If that wasn't enough the only other guests were my old bus driver, who laughs and shifts his weight back and forth when our neighbor talks about divorce, and some country bumpkin friend of his who doensn't say anything without adding dis or dat© I did nothing the entire time but wish for it to be over© Ah yes, and tomorrow being Easter, I get to deal with the relitives© Wish me luck©


When I look over the collection of CDs that I've accumulated, I'm both proud and saddened© On one hand I love my music, I buy discs almost every time I can and I have quite the collection© Then on the other hand I did the math the other day, my collection's worth over 500 dollars© That's a lot of cash I could have saved© I still want more though© I've gotten into the habit of mixing tapes for different occasions© Sometimes the tapes have a theme, other times it's just a group of songs that I think should go together© I would burn my own discs if I had a CD burner, but with things as they are I'd just rather buy blank tapes for fifty cents apiece© I'm going to have to start borrowing discs from my friends to record though, my bank account can't accomodate all of the albums I still want to add to my collection©


Well, after watching another episode of American High, I've made a decision© I am going to keep an audio diary© I've journaled on and off through the years, but it always took up too much time© Then, other days when I want to sort things out I'll walk across the roof of my garage and explain things to myself© Then I figured hey, whey not combine the two? So I'm going to buy a handheld tape recorder and record things for posterity© It'll be interesting to find out what I sounded like when I was a teen once I'm 40 or 50©


I am really starting to enjoy writing my book© The main character is beginning to be more and more like myself© I suppose that makes sense, the book is partially based on my own life© I couldn't make it a total autobiography though, my life is a bit too dull for anyone to want to read 300 pages of it ¥enter blog¤© I'm spicing things up a bit more© I have to be careful though, I don't want to turn the book into how I want my life© My characters have to have problems too© It wouldn't be much of a book if everything was hunkey-dorey all of the time© Things are going good though, I'm on page 117 handwritten© At this rate I should be done by thanksgiving©


Ah yes, the great outdoors© Finally I have a day where i can get outside, at least for a little while© I've been so busy between school and work that the only time I've been outside is walking to or from my car© Kind of sad really© I suppose there are some people who aren't outside for any period of time for months at a time© I think that would be horrible, I couldn't stand it© Even if I lived in a metro area I would want to go to a park or something, I couldn't stay cooped up inside for that long© Speaking of which, I'm headed out© Until later©


American High was by far one of the most influential programs I have seen on television in my entire life. It follows fourteen High School juniors/seniors for a year. The characters are so interesting, i liked each almost before I met them. In one scene a kid named (called) Kiwi has to kick the game winning field goal, I wanted to be there with him. Even though it sounds sappy, the show made me realize that some of their problems might not be so different from my own. An amazing show.
Interesting, I'm planning on catching part of a documentary tonight called American High© It follows 12 or so high schoolers for a year© They do video diaries, the whole nine yards© It looks interesting, maybe I'll be able to pick up some ideas for my book© One can always hope©


Aaaarugh! I'm trying to upgrade to netscape 6©1 and it's really starting to frustrate© Not a good day altogether© It just seems like I have a whole lot to deal with over the past week or so© At least I don't have to work tonight© I wish the snow were gone, I want to get back on my bike or in my boat© If I don't get out soon I think I'll go insane©


I found myself dazing off more often than usual today. Things seem wrong. I'm not sure why or how, but they just seem wrong. Maybe I'm due for a change. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm open to options. I should eat out or something. Maybe it'll give me some ideas for my book. I need to make it less of an autobiorgaphy and more fiction. Maybe listining in on some conversations will help.


Awhile ago a friend and I were discussing how we would modify men's bathrooms if we had the power. First of all, there would be dividers between all of the urinals; it cuts down on the wierd situations. There might also be cartoons or ads above the urinals so we would have something to read. There would be a shelf above the sink for contact solution etc. There would be a mirror above each sink and a light directly above each mirror. All of the toilets and sinks would be optically operated, as would the towel dispenser (yes they make them, I've seen 'em). Most of the stalls and dividers would be done in black, with the rest in chrome. If only the designers would listen.....