A life update for you all:
Well, things have been going well actually. I've finally gotten back to working on my novel, and as you can see I've been writing a bit of poetry as well. Things are still going well with Christiene, better than ever actually, and I see her about once a week. I apologize to all of you looking for updates...if you actually exist, I'll try and scratch something down a little more often. Until then.

A little poetry update for you. Please don't steal 'em, if you want to use something I write, just ask.

My Fault

It's hard to live a day
Now that she's packed and gone away
My life's in shambles
It's so pathetic
Why can't I change at all

This screaming hurts my ears
It defaces all my fears
Now that she's gone
I can't move on
Why is there so much pain

It's my fault
I threw it all away


A hundred twenty miles
Seven gallons of gas
Three CDs
And I'm coming fast
She's been waiting
But I'll be there soon

I die every day
I don't see her face
Please dear God
Don't le me die today
I'll be in her arms
By the time the sun goes down

She makes me feel alive
She's my best friend
She's the one and I'm not turning back
We're in love
And I'm coming home


I don't know how to explain it
But this feeling is always new
Beating hearts and eyes of wonder
I'd do anything to be with you

Everything feels so much better
Anytime that you are near
Though you're so far away
Don't ever fear
Just know I'm always with you
And I'll always be here