Jake's 2 Cents on Long Distance Relationships:

Yes yes, I know, here I go...diving into the strange self-punishment of a long distance relationship. Sigh. She lives two hours away, and our one month anniversary is in five days (shutup, I'm just happy I can remember stuff like that). It's tough though, I'm so extremely happy when I'm with her, but that makes it that much worse when we finally have to leave. Being apart is hard, but it makes being together that much better. I still get sad sometimes. Is it worth it? Hell yeah. It's worth it if you find the right person. If you find the wrong person it's a waste of your time and energy.




I have realized that one thing that I really enjoy is streatching. For example, just now I was sitting here, and I decided to stretch my arms and my back. It felt really really really good. I also like sneezing, that's along the same lines as stretching. When you sneeze, it's such a relif. The worst is when you think you're going to sneeze, but then it kind of dies in your nose. Ack.


Well, here I am, the idealistic teenager out to write the definative high school novel. Seriously though, who better than myself? I'm experiencing firsthand what being a high school student at the turn of the decade/centuary/milennium is like. I enjoy writing. It seems to be a perfect match. I've almost filled my first composition book, that should be almost 1/3 of the entire book. I'm making pretty good time. At this rate, I may have a final draft by christmas. Probably sooner.


Yes yes, I know, I said I wasn't going to update anymore, but I must add something. 15 days ago I met the most amazing person I've ever known. She is beautiful beyond words, fun to be around, and even better, she likes me. Unfortunately, she lives in Morris. I do not. Sure, the distance will be a problem, but it won't be impossible. On top of that, we're going to europe together. EUROPE!! It's like one of those things you see in the movies. I guess I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, things are going so well. sigh. I am content.