I've got myself into a christmas present buying frenzy. I'm trying to get presents for all my friends/parents/etc. I honestly want to be nice. Wierd. Anyway, I'm trying not to spend huge amounts of time obsessing about the right gift, but if a good idea pops into my mind i'll write it down. i guess this is the whole christmas spirit.


Another holdiday bulliten, from tomorrow to the end of the year, every wednsday night is lutefisk night at the cafe I wait tables at. The cooks hate it, because the stuff smells terrible when it's cooked. I'm actually a fan of it though, i make a truckload of tips.
Aaaah, snow, sweet snow. God dropped over a foot on us in the past twelve hours, school is closed for the day. It's especially nice, since I'm starting a big push to finish up the novel, plus I have some christmas shopping to do tonight. Yippie.


nothing beats a good old soul-searching to get things out in the open


I just got back from a trip to North Dakota with my dad and some friends. We were out phesant hunting, and it was a whole lot of fun. I could get into the whole pro-hunting/anti-hunting debate, but I really don't feel like it. All I know is that I had a good time, and I had phesants for dinner tonight. Hey, if God didn't want us to eat them, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.


Ugh, I was in a crappy mood for most of the day today. Then, at work, the last place I'd expect to brighten my day, actually left me in a better mood. Wierd. I told a few jokes, listened to a few stories, and I was fine. Strange how things work out like that.


Interesting. It's always strange to see female frontal nudity on prime time TV. I was watching some of the mini-series Uprising and they had a naked women displayed prominantly. She was dead at the time, so maybe that had something to do with it. Odd.
another interesting clip, at http://www.worldchampionshippunkinchunkin.com/pix/bigblaster.jpg is a picture of a giant air cannon designet to fling pumpkins over a mile. quite the sport.
girls are strange creatures