Finally, I've made it to the last school day before vacation. Thank God. I've been invited to Christine's family christmas this weekend, so I'm pretty excited about that. Ugh, I'm in school right now, this is such a pointless day. Let me go home. *on an unrelated sidenote, now that I'm done editing the book, I've started a new project. I've been assembling a book of collages representing my life as it stands right now (much akin to Keirsten Dunst's character in crazy/beautiful). The process is oddly theraputic.


I am considering accelerating my computer. When I do it, I'll probably accelerate the damn thing to about 9.8 meters per second squared.


I finally managed to get my form setup correctly on my "about me" page, so now you can insult me and tell me what you think of me. I also found an excellent shockwave game here. It's an interactive snowball fight, and great fun for wasting time at school or work. Enjoy


The HTML class is coming along good, I'm starting to be able to make half-deacent pages without the crutch of yahoo page maker. Christmas is coming upon me like a freight train, and I'm starting to scramble to try and find presents. My little christmas present buying high has passed, so now I have to face the cold hard truth. On the bright side, one act is starting soon. Unfortunately it sounds like we'll be doing a play about homophobics, not exactly what I had in mind. I was kind of hoping for either a new and innovative comedy or an old classic, but this is neither.


I've been adding some more to my web page, It's actually not all that difficult. I'm still shooting for better quality, but it will come


Woo Hoooo! Quite the day. Not only did I figure out my web page woes, I FINISHED MY NOVEL!!!!! I don't suppose anyone knows any really good book publishers? Let me know.


ok, ok, the story of my life link doesn't quite work yet. maybe I'm going a bit too fast with this html stuff
I changed the template, and I'm rather fond of the color. I did away with the hit counter, but I don't get many hits anyway, so it's kind of depressing. I haven't figured out the little bit of text in the bottom left corner of the page, but I'm on it.
I've gotten myself into a html programming class. As a result, expect a better quality page on the way, as well as forthcoming links to my pages that I'll have coming out. I'll probably keep the blog though, as much out of habit as anything else.