Rabid Fan

Oh, almost forgot, I have my first groupie now. When I was down in Rochester we swung by a friend's house to clean up before a party. His 14 year-old sister showed up an hour or so after we did and once she found out I was the one who wrote "What are the Odds?" she flipped. "Thatwassouchagoodbookyouaresocool" sort of stuff. She called her friend to tell her I was in their house. Then when she found out we weren't planning on staying the night she pleaded with Josh to come back to sleep there so she could tell her friends I slept in her house.

I hope her friends buy the book.


The Making of a Restaurant is a pretty interesting idea. It's the story of a couple of guys who have the dreams of opening their own restaurant but don't have the coin for it yet. For the time being, they're jotting down all of their good ideas and tasty anecdotes on their website. Worth the time if you've got some to spare.
Book Update
I finished editing the third draft of my upcoming book tonight. Well, I finished the on-paper part of the process. Now I have to transfer all of the handwritten edits into actual changes in the manuscript. I suppose it'll help keep me entertained until I have to go back to school.

Oh, speaking of entertainment, I'm planning on having a big new-year's shindig tomorrow night. Stay tuned...
The Whirlwind Tour

Tonight is the first time I've been home since Christmas. I ended up going climbing in Rochester for a couple days, which was a pretty good time. It was rough though, since I climbed so much at SJU I had callouses on all of my fingers, but since I wasn't able to climb at home they peeled off. I paid for it after for climbing for three hours a day. It was fun though, and I was able to figure out how I've been progressing since I started.

My parents also took me to the cities and we went to the bull riding competition at the Target Center for my dad's birthday present. It was pretty exciting, though I didn't exactly blend. Most of the people there were wearing boots and cowboy hats, but I had my hair in huge spikes. Red and green, for chirstmas. I drew quite a few sideways glances.

I also went over to a friend's place for an SJU theatre guy party. It wasn't too earth-shattering, we basically just hung out, played video games, foseball, and pool, watched movies, and talked about girls. A good time was had by all though.


How Cool is This? Big giant machines that throw flames and break stuff. Who could ask for anything more? Maybe I'll make myself one after I win that $300 M dollar powerball jackpot. That and a spaceship.
Merry Christmas Everybody!

I write this completely filled with holiday cheer and so on and so forth. Christmas actually went fairly well; we played BINGO with Grandma and the rest of my mom's family. The rugrats weren't too horrible, though I gave one of them rugburn from dragging him across the floor. He happened to be attaching himself to my ankles at the time. One of my uncles brought a remote-controlled fart machiene, which made things considerably more exciting. Gotta love family.

I finally get to go climbing again; some friends and I are headed down to Rochester to hang out and climb and get into mistcheif. Should be a good time. Anyway, happy holidays to all, and I'll be sure to write when I get back, hopefully about the kickin' new year's party that should be coming up.


Holy Bad Movies Batman!

My father, being the kind-hearted soul he is, decided that since I'll be back in Milaca without much to do, he'd pick up some movies for me. I tagged along to help out a bit, but here were his major choices, with my take on matters.
3000 Miles To Graceland was our first gem, which I finished, but it wasn't really worth my time.
Spy Game was probably the best of the bunch, though it was a little boring for a spy movie. If you're talking about espionage, it really shouldn't be that hard to make things interesting.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was mildly amusing, but only to Kevin Smith fans. Pretty lowbrow.
Ali had my hopes up, but it didn't stand up to all the hype. Again, you'd think it'd be inherantly interesting due to the subject matter, but they managed to make boxing's greatest be too damn boring.
Reindeer Games was another bottom-of-the-barrel pick, and another movie I couldn't finish.

So there you have it. Hopefully we'll do better next time, otherwise I may have to resort to reading books.


I caught The Two Towers the other day with some friends. It was worth the ticket price, and I really enjoyed it. The effects were excellent, especially the tree-type creatures. The only problem I had with the film was in one scene in which a dam broke. Then it was like "hey, nice model." Other than that it was very well done.

As for everything else, Christmas is in full swing around here, with all of the cheer and all of the hassle. It's pretty tough not being able to climb, but I may head down to Rochester with some friends this weekend to put in some time. Hopefully things will work out.


Well, I'm finally back home for the holidays, for better or for worse. I did a little arts-and-crafts work this morning, ran a few errands, and then went christmas shopping with my friend Rose in the evening. We probably spent twenty minutes in Victoria's Secret, at least half of that was spent looking at underwear. Wee. It was really fun to hang out with her again though, and her sister came with so we both sharpened our cynicisims on her. We're such bad people.

It's actually kind of strange to be home, probably because I don't really live here anymore. I got chewed out by my dad today for climbing on our rock fireplace again, *that* was not something I'd missed. Come to think of it, I'm almost positive he's a regular reader of this blog. Hi dad! Anyway, it is kind of nice to relax for awhile.

One last point, some friends and I watched "Ten Things I Hate About You" the other night. I'd seen it before, and it's not a bad flick. All the characters are sort of overdone, but it's entertaining. The odd thing is that it actually kind of depressed me a little. I think it was probably just the perfect teenage romance sort of thing that was portrayed, but it made me really wish that I had caught up to that girl on the bus. Oh well. Life goes on. Hopefully it will quit snowing and I'll be able to do some climbing tomorrow.


My last day at school before break has ended up to be pretty dull; just a little packing, some computer games, and some house cleaning. I wanted to get some more editing done on the book, but I keep getting distracted. Ironically enough, I do my best work in a resteraunt or something; then by having people around I have some material to work with, but a booth in a cafe is private enough so I can get some work done.


This may be one of the funnier things I've found on the 'net in a long while. It's this little guy who answers emails; hard to explain, but hilarious. Just click on one of the emails, sit back, and enjoy. "Comic," "Sisters," and "Lures and Jigs" are some of my favorites.
So I saw this cute girl in the Refectory the other day, but I didn't talk to her since she was with a group of friends and I was scared. However, I made a vow to myself that I'd talk to her next chance I got. Well, I was over at St. Ben's to drop off a paper, and I saw her in line for the bus to get back to SJU. Perfect. When I get onto the bus it's about half full, but I manage to walk to the back without seeing her. Odd. One of my friends sits down next to me and we talk throughout the ride, and once we start unloading I see her up near the front. That's fine; I can just talk to her once we get off. We get off the bus and she's nowhere to be found. Vanished into thin air. I looked all around, no luck. Some days I think it's just not in the cards.


I went climbing at midnight last night. It was actually a pretty good time; I got a call at 11:45 asking me if I wanted to go down to the wall and climb for awhile. I showed up and a couple guys who worked there opened things up. We climbed for awhile, and I even did a route I didn't think was within my ability, and then we started stripping holds off the walls and cleaning them. It seemed fair enough, mixing of work and play. Adam and I even found our way into the fieldhouse and jumped onto the pole vaulting mats. A little diving board was constructed a story up to get the jumpers used to the height, so we hurled ourselves off of that for awhile. Good times.


We got back from Granite Falls last night 7:30, tired and happy. The story and pictures will be posted on the Prarie Walls website in a few days, but for now, know that it was a great trip. The Gods smiled upon us, blessing us with 50-degree weather in the middle of December. We were also able to climb a number of boulders that were previously unclimbable due to the swamp water that surrounds them, now frozen. The granite was beautiful, the routes were excellent, and a good time was had by all.

I've got to go back.


I just got back from the short play I was in, "Median." It was a fun time and a good little script; the whole thing only ran 15 minutes or so. It was nice to have some acting to do in between the school shows and to work with some new people.

Had a pretty good evening tonight since a bunch of us managed to get into the climbing wall. It's supposed to be closed for break, but some of the guys who usually work there opened it up for us. A buddy and I set up some routes from the existing holds, and one of them is really friggin' fun.

Oh, it also looks like I'm headed to Granite Falls with Josh and 'Lil Chris, two of the guys I went to the competition in Rochester with. It's all granite bouldering, and it's outdoors, so it should be a good time.


I went to the Cold Stone Creamerytoday with some friends to help out with a fundraiser. My dinner was ice cream (sorry mom and dad!). It was reeeeeally good.

Now this is me not thinking about calories.

Actually it probably didn't do much damage; I went to the climbing wall for a couple hours tonight and I even helped set a route just for fun. The wall is supposed to be closed tomorrow, but some of the guys who work there may be able to get us in. We may also climb outdoors this weekend, so stay tuned.
I've got tryouts for the Crucible at school a week after we get back from break, and I've been sifting through some monologues. Most of them are pulled from movies, but the finalists include cuts of pieces of these monologues, coming from The Laramie Project, Se7en, Instinct, High Fidelity, Good Will Hunting, Dogma. Hopefully one of them will work out for me.


I had a really busy day yesterday; play practice for the short piece I'm in, teaching a friend how to play raquetball, homework, etc. I wanted to climb too, but my arm still had a twinge in it from the competiton so I held off. I'll be climbing tonight though. I also ordered a bunch of climbing gear for this summer; I'm all excited for my shinies to come in.


Last night I opened the door of my room at 9PM. My feet were black from the rubber in my climbing shoes, my hands were covered with chalk and cuts, my left arm and back were twinging when I moved them wrong, and I was nearly falling over since I had 4 hours of sleep. I had a great time.

Some friends and I went down to Prarie Walls in Rochester for a bouldering competiton. We went down on Friday night to strip the walls, wash the holds, and set new routes. Between 6pm and 6am a crew of twenty or so people set and climbed 150 routes. IT was a grand 'ol time. Pizza, food, and refreshments were provided, and we just climbed all night. My fingers almost fell off. At 6 we went over to Darrin's house, hung out, and watched the sun came up, finally getting to bed at 8. I slept on the crash pad in his home bouldering cave.

We woke up at noon for the competition. All kinds of climbers were there, from the intense climbing freaks to little kids. We saw some amazing stuff. A 12 year-old girl was there and climbing routes that kicked my ass. A 15 year-old girl was the top female climber and was climbing with the best of the men. The top male competitior was climbing stuff that looked nearly impossible and doing moves that were sickening. The SJU contingency all won free food at Noodles & Co., and showed up after the comp. at the yuppie noodles place dirty, exhausted, and beat up. It didn't really matter though, we climbed well, we had a great time and we got free noodles. You can't really ask for much more than that.


An interesting morning today. After I woke up and such (which was around 11:00, since my 9:40 was cancelled) I caught a bus over to CSB to attend a Regents/Trustees luncheon. It's basically a gathering of all of the people that were on the board that gave me a giant scholarship. I show up a little late, not knowing we had to be there when it started. I also had my hair up in spikes due to the climbing pilgramage tonight, and I was dressed in my Flogging Molly shirt. I sat around with a few friends for awhile, but for the most part, the old people-types weren't sitting with the college students. After a few of the Trustees got up and left, I pulled up a chair at a couple of the Trustee tables. We had some good conversations, and they seemed glad that I stopped by. I was even questioned about my shirt, which amused me, especially since they didn't mention my hair.


I went to our drama department's production of "The Insanity of Mary Girard" tonight. It was a pretty cool show, eerie as hell. Afterwards, the cast from my show held a little gathering for their opening night. We made the whole thing really random, plastering the walls with signs that said "happy birthday bob" and "happy anniversary." Then, one by one, we left and came back with different psychological disorders. I got to be a klepto, and it was really fun just swiping people's stuff out from under them. *sigh* good times. Maybe I'll make it a hobby.
had my wonderful Spanish class today and found out I'm pulling a B, but I'm just 1% away from an AB (yeah, it's the sort of grading scale we have here, don't ask me why). Stupid Spanish. Arugh. Anyway, I caught wind of Bowling for Columbine again, and I'd really like to see it. I tried to find the whole thing online, but apparantly I'll have to wait until I can catch it on video. We've been discussing violence and these sorts of issues in our Symposium, so it'd be interesting to hear another voice on the matter.


I had a good time at the climbing wall today; there is a new bouldering route and it has a jump from a ledge onto a nearby wall; feels pretty spiffy. I slashed my knee up pretty bad on the wall, but it was in the process of completing my first sit start, so it was worth it (a sit start is starting a route sitting on the ground and hauling youself up without letting your feet touch the ground).

I'm also giving some serious thought to becoming a climbing bum for the last month or so of summer (hi mom and dad!). I could travel around the midwest, camping or staying with friends and family, and just climbing anywhere I wanted to go. I'd work the rest of the summer to justify it. If I got real gutsy I could hop a freight train and go out to Moab or Yosemite. I think I'd need a partner though, otherwise it'd get a little lonely and scary.
Well, the socks seem to have done the trick; I'm feeling much more energetic today. We had a food fight during lunch, that was pretty interesting. It wasn't a huge affair, but quite a few Frosted Mini-Wheats and ice cubes were tossed around. It was all Acting I kids in the room, so at least no innocent bystanders were injured in the fray. It seems like whenever the group of us goes to eat, the room were in doesn't attract may other diners. Wonder why that is...


AtomFilms has a huge selection of short to medium-length films that are avaliable online. You'll probably need a pretty quick net connection, but if you have one it's definately worth it. They've provided considerable entertainment for my roommate and I for the past week or so. Who needs homework...
Sort of a blah-ish smattered day today. Maybe it's just recovery from yesterday's studying frenzy. I got a ton of landury done, go me. Tomorrow though, tomorrow will be a good time. I'm going to wear my giant knee-high black-and-white striped soccer socks. With shorts. And a trenchcoat. Should be fun.
So the Spanish composition didn't go all that bad; my in-class composition matched my practice compositions pretty well. I worked my ass off for it though; I think I spent three or four hours on it in my room over the past couple days and then two hours in the library studying last night. Ugh. I'm back to editing the book again; working on a 3rd draft this time around. Once this is done I should be ready for a proofreading draft and then it'll be time to try and sell the damn thing. Wish me luck.


I have an in class composition in Spanish tomorrow, and I've been working on it for a couple days now. The depressing thing is that I had Erin, a girl who's looking at being a Spanish major/minor look things over, and the first half of it is a complete train wreck. The second half probably is too, but she had to run off to do something and didn't get a chance to take a look at it. I'm having another future Spanish minor look over it tonight, so I'll probably put off memorizing the damn thing until after she's done tearing through it. I'm thinking it's going to be a long night. I'm a pretty bad Spanish-er, so I basically have to memorize these compositions before class if I hope to get a good grade. It's an 8 AM class. Ugh.
For those of you interested in good coversation or interesting articles, I'd suggest Metafilter. It's one of a few sites that I visit almost daily, and it usually has something of interest. If you have a few minutes, go check it out.
Oh, and one other thing. I'm not sure that the training for Lucy, our wonderful hunting dog, is quite going as planned. After the trip she now answers to "Lucy Goddamnit." Oh well...


Just got back from Thanksgiving vacation. It was nice to see my friends again, and I got to go climbing a little bit around home. I found a railroad bridge abutment that was climbable, as well as some abandoned buildings around town (though that got some of the locals excited, I think one lady almost called the cops). Things went pretty well during dinner with the family; I recived a little bit of flack for my hair color (I didn't even spike it), but that was expected. After dinner dad and I went pheasant hunting in North Dakota with some friends. The trip was alright, though it was a little tough being the youngest one there and not really having any equals. The first day was windy as hell, but we ended up shooting some birds. It's nice to be back here though; after all that it feels like I need another vacation.