I had a good time at the climbing wall today; there is a new bouldering route and it has a jump from a ledge onto a nearby wall; feels pretty spiffy. I slashed my knee up pretty bad on the wall, but it was in the process of completing my first sit start, so it was worth it (a sit start is starting a route sitting on the ground and hauling youself up without letting your feet touch the ground).

I'm also giving some serious thought to becoming a climbing bum for the last month or so of summer (hi mom and dad!). I could travel around the midwest, camping or staying with friends and family, and just climbing anywhere I wanted to go. I'd work the rest of the summer to justify it. If I got real gutsy I could hop a freight train and go out to Moab or Yosemite. I think I'd need a partner though, otherwise it'd get a little lonely and scary.