An interesting morning today. After I woke up and such (which was around 11:00, since my 9:40 was cancelled) I caught a bus over to CSB to attend a Regents/Trustees luncheon. It's basically a gathering of all of the people that were on the board that gave me a giant scholarship. I show up a little late, not knowing we had to be there when it started. I also had my hair up in spikes due to the climbing pilgramage tonight, and I was dressed in my Flogging Molly shirt. I sat around with a few friends for awhile, but for the most part, the old people-types weren't sitting with the college students. After a few of the Trustees got up and left, I pulled up a chair at a couple of the Trustee tables. We had some good conversations, and they seemed glad that I stopped by. I was even questioned about my shirt, which amused me, especially since they didn't mention my hair.