Last night I opened the door of my room at 9PM. My feet were black from the rubber in my climbing shoes, my hands were covered with chalk and cuts, my left arm and back were twinging when I moved them wrong, and I was nearly falling over since I had 4 hours of sleep. I had a great time.

Some friends and I went down to Prarie Walls in Rochester for a bouldering competiton. We went down on Friday night to strip the walls, wash the holds, and set new routes. Between 6pm and 6am a crew of twenty or so people set and climbed 150 routes. IT was a grand 'ol time. Pizza, food, and refreshments were provided, and we just climbed all night. My fingers almost fell off. At 6 we went over to Darrin's house, hung out, and watched the sun came up, finally getting to bed at 8. I slept on the crash pad in his home bouldering cave.

We woke up at noon for the competition. All kinds of climbers were there, from the intense climbing freaks to little kids. We saw some amazing stuff. A 12 year-old girl was there and climbing routes that kicked my ass. A 15 year-old girl was the top female climber and was climbing with the best of the men. The top male competitior was climbing stuff that looked nearly impossible and doing moves that were sickening. The SJU contingency all won free food at Noodles & Co., and showed up after the comp. at the yuppie noodles place dirty, exhausted, and beat up. It didn't really matter though, we climbed well, we had a great time and we got free noodles. You can't really ask for much more than that.