So I saw this cute girl in the Refectory the other day, but I didn't talk to her since she was with a group of friends and I was scared. However, I made a vow to myself that I'd talk to her next chance I got. Well, I was over at St. Ben's to drop off a paper, and I saw her in line for the bus to get back to SJU. Perfect. When I get onto the bus it's about half full, but I manage to walk to the back without seeing her. Odd. One of my friends sits down next to me and we talk throughout the ride, and once we start unloading I see her up near the front. That's fine; I can just talk to her once we get off. We get off the bus and she's nowhere to be found. Vanished into thin air. I looked all around, no luck. Some days I think it's just not in the cards.