Well, I'm finally back home for the holidays, for better or for worse. I did a little arts-and-crafts work this morning, ran a few errands, and then went christmas shopping with my friend Rose in the evening. We probably spent twenty minutes in Victoria's Secret, at least half of that was spent looking at underwear. Wee. It was really fun to hang out with her again though, and her sister came with so we both sharpened our cynicisims on her. We're such bad people.

It's actually kind of strange to be home, probably because I don't really live here anymore. I got chewed out by my dad today for climbing on our rock fireplace again, *that* was not something I'd missed. Come to think of it, I'm almost positive he's a regular reader of this blog. Hi dad! Anyway, it is kind of nice to relax for awhile.

One last point, some friends and I watched "Ten Things I Hate About You" the other night. I'd seen it before, and it's not a bad flick. All the characters are sort of overdone, but it's entertaining. The odd thing is that it actually kind of depressed me a little. I think it was probably just the perfect teenage romance sort of thing that was portrayed, but it made me really wish that I had caught up to that girl on the bus. Oh well. Life goes on. Hopefully it will quit snowing and I'll be able to do some climbing tomorrow.