The Whirlwind Tour

Tonight is the first time I've been home since Christmas. I ended up going climbing in Rochester for a couple days, which was a pretty good time. It was rough though, since I climbed so much at SJU I had callouses on all of my fingers, but since I wasn't able to climb at home they peeled off. I paid for it after for climbing for three hours a day. It was fun though, and I was able to figure out how I've been progressing since I started.

My parents also took me to the cities and we went to the bull riding competition at the Target Center for my dad's birthday present. It was pretty exciting, though I didn't exactly blend. Most of the people there were wearing boots and cowboy hats, but I had my hair in huge spikes. Red and green, for chirstmas. I drew quite a few sideways glances.

I also went over to a friend's place for an SJU theatre guy party. It wasn't too earth-shattering, we basically just hung out, played video games, foseball, and pool, watched movies, and talked about girls. A good time was had by all though.