So it turns out the play festival was a hit, we had 6 shows and over 150 audience members. I was paired with Adrianne Dickson and our opus was titled Wheat Grass. It had lesbians in it. It rocked. It was written between 11pm and 8am. Good times. I was actually really impressed with the quality of the plays that were presented; I was expecting more of a train wreck. Hopefully it will become a yearly/semesterly event.

We're in finals week already, but I don't think things will be all that bad. At least, I hope they won't. We'll see.


I think some people may be over doing things just a bit.
Things have been pretty slow around here; I'm just finishing up the last bits of things before I start on my final papers. It'll be nice to get away from here for awhile.

We're starting the 24 hour play festival tonight, which should be a lot of fun. We're writing, producing, and performing 6 12-minute plays over the course of 24 hours. I'm writing for one of them; my shift starts at 11 tonight. Woot. Should be a lot of fun. The performances are tomorrow at 9pm. Show up, have a good time.


So, after a pretty low-key week, I had another climbing vacation last weekend. I showed a couple of my mom's students from South Africa around (they were really excited to be able to actually walk across a frozen lake) then packed up the Calais for a trip down to Rochester.

Prarie Walls was hosting a bouldering competition, so we were going to help them out by setting some problems (routes) for them. We swung by REI on the way down so I could exchange my shoes (gotta love liberal return policies) and arrived around 9. We set from then until about 5:30am. It wasn't much fun. We were lacking setters bigtime and people would always come around and screw with what I was setting. Then, in the morning, when the comp. started I wanted to jump on some problems that were set during the night but was so burnt out I couldn't hang on to anything. On the other hand, it was nice to see some hard climbers. It's always a humbling experience when I go from our gym where I'm one of the best climbers to something like this when there are soooo many people who climb soooo much harder. Oh well, more motivation I suppose.

On a related note, it looks like we're close to be able to set problems at the SJU wall, which should improve it considerabally. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.



1700 miles on the Calais
96 hours
24+ stellar boulder problems
20 packs of fruit snacks
16 bagels
16 hand warmers
12 cups tea
10 pieces wet firewood
8 full gas tanks
4 climbing destinations
3 cameras
2 tents
1 crash pad
1 pillow

This was basically the invintory for this past weekend's trip. Courtney, Craft, Lauer and I headed to Southern Illinois to do some bouldering. We left right after Thanksgiving dinner and returned before class on Monday.

The drive down went smoothly, but the first day was cold. A few flakes of snow came down as we bouldered in Opie's Kitchen. The climbing was good, and we scouted out another location before camping for the night in Giant City, where we were plagued by wet firewood.

The next morning was warmer, and we climbed the overhangs of Devil's Standtable and the problems of Shelter 1. Then it was on to the Holy Boulders which definately lived up to their name. The stone was wonderful, clean and sticky. We climbed until dark and then camped out.

Then next morning it was time for dawn patrol at the holy boulders, and we climbed until 10 or so when it was time to head for home. It was a great trip, aside from the shortness of time and the cold weather at the beginning. Woot.

Now it's off to Bishop for Christmas.


A Trampoline Game. Remember that time I was bored at work...
Someone is blogging the freeways  of Southern California and it's interesting. Not a real well-designed site, but interesting.
Dave's List Of Words That Are Fun To Say is a lot of fun, but it's missing a number of goodies. Smock. Smock smock smock.

I'm headed home this afternoon, that should be interesting. Hopefully some of my Milace friends will be around (call me?). After thanksgiving we're headed on a road trip to Southern Illinois (SoIll) since South Dakota is looking a little chilly. It's kind of a thrown-together endevor (that kinda rhymes) but it should be fun.


Merry Christmas Everybody. My little cousins will love this.


I had an early Thanksgiving Dinner last night with the girlfriend, the roommate, and a couple other friends. SJU had it's family-style Thanksgiving where we all sat around and feasted on turkey and stuffing and sparkling pear juice. Then we came home and played cards; it was a grand 'ol time. Other than that things have been pretty low-key around here; Bubs is still mean but the other hermit crabs are as friendly as ever.

Our trip to South Dakota is coming up soon, hopefully the weather will hold out. Climbing in snow is no fun.


Race Car: This....this is just funny as hell. Turn up your speakers. Whew.
We had our wonderful Poetry Slam last night, and it was a whoooole lot of fun. I actually won the thing, but it was touch and go for awhile; we had 3 rounds (including the individual final) and I only had 2 poems, so I had to improv the last one. It was surprisingly well-recieved. I was invited to go down to a couple slams down in the cities, so I'll probably end up doing that.

The talkback for Machinal is tonight; it'll probably be a bloodbath. I already have my list of gripes compiled. We'll see how things go.


For some reason two of our Hermit Crabs, Trogdor and especially Bubs, have gotten to be really agressive. The Cheat is still cool, but Bubs pinched Tom the other day. Tom's pretty pissed at him now. Maybe they'll lighten up.


Is this fantastic opportunity funny or creepy? I can't really decide.
We had the SLAM Workshop last night, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Cynthia French, the Minnesota Slam Master, worked with us and we saw some excellent footage of the national poetry slam. One of my favorite lines: "I I I, me me me, my my my, doesn't anybody tell a story anymore?" Now I've got to start working on my material for Sunday's slam.

Courtney and I also got to go climbing last night (Free time, yay!). It was a lot of fun, but it will take some work to get myself back into shape for our trip to Spearfish over thanksgiving break.

In other news...

We received our graded Lit Theory papers today. I felt good about my paper when I handed it in, and the work paid off. It was a nice change in pace, really.


WE'RE DONE!! No more Machinal for us! I have 5 hours of free time every day! It's amazing!

We had our last show and the strike of the set last night, followed by our cast party. It was a good time. Today was homework, a movie, and D&D (we're dorks). Sooo nice to have free time.

Poetry in the Dark is a bit of a bust; we're trying to change some things around. We've got the poetry slam coming up soon; we have a workshop for it tomorrow, and the slam is on Sunday. Good times.


Worst Album Covers Ever. This was sent to me by my English prof. It's pretty wonderful.
I've had a rough couple of days. Homework has been piling up like mad, I still have 4 more performances to deal with, and nothing really seems to be going right. However, things seem to be turning around, at least a little. Once this wicked play is done with I'll finally have some time to get stuff done and maybe even relax a little. I just have to make it through the next few days.


It's snowing today. Not a good sign. They figure at least 3 inches. Ugh.

As for other news, Courtney and I got into a bit of a spat, but it's passed and we're back to normal. It really wasn't any fun, but the making up was nice. Her parents flew out today; and it sounds like their house is probably ok, but there's no real way to tell until they get there.

We're dark for the next two days, being halfway done with the show. I can't wait until it's over. It'll be so nice to have free time again. The main platform broke onstage last night during the first episode, but it was fixed in time for it to move back on again. Way to go stage crew. Hopefully the rest of the run will go without incident.


So my family bought a chunk of Colorado the other day, much to my surprise. We have 5 acres of mountain now, and apparantly there's a waterfall somewhere. It abutts a million acres of national forest, and is apparantly pretty wonderful. I guess I'll be climbing in Colorado some.

Also, the play has opened, and things have gone a lot better than expected. Opening night was basically the first time that all of the major technical aspects worked. Woot.


We humans are so FRIGGING STUPID it amazes me sometimes.
This video is sooo very wonderful. Hee.
Machinal opens tonight. Go to the show next week. I don't think a final dress rehearsal has ever been so shaky. The show is so completely technical I can't imagine everything working well at once. *sigh* At least if I forget my lines it probably won't be the biggest screw up in the play...


I just put a pair of shoes in the dryer, since they were wet after a recent escapade. It sounds like I'm dropping a 55 gallon drum down the stairs.


This is also from the Onion, but I couldn't help posting it:

Taurus: (April. 20—May 20)
Your pocket Bible will stop an assailant's bullet, but not before it passes through four innocent bystanders, a school-bus gas tank, and your genitals.
Generic Candy Corn Will Give You AIDS. Happy Halloween everybody!
It's cold again. I'm not so happy about that. We're also running tech rehearsal for the play, which is kind of nice since it gives the cast some time to hang out and joke around. The big problem is that it's taking a long time, we sort of have a Rube Goldberg style set with all sorts of moving things that are taking forever to coordinate.

I feel really bad for Courtney, since a Huge Wildfire is threatening her home in California. Last we heard it was about a mile away from her house. Scary stuff.


The birthday was a good time; we went out to dinner and then played around in a park. Lots of fun. I'm starting to get kind of tired of the play, which isn't so bad, since we open in about a week. We've got tech rehearsals this weekend though, which probably won't be a whole lot of fun. I'm kind of scared for the play though; it really doesn't seem done. It feels like we're so tied up in the scene changes and technical aspects of the show that we're forgetting about all of the acting. This is not such a good feeling.

I also met with my advisor the other day. It looks like for next semester I'll have creative writing, a study in Tillie Olson and Scott Fitzgerald, an honors natural science examining eastern and western medicine, and intro to human comm. If everything goes well I'll be able to graduate with a double major in comm and english, honors, and after studying in New Zealand for a semester. yay.


These past few days have been pretty good; nothing too horribly exciting. Things with Courtney are wonderful, and tomorrow is her birthday, so I'm thinking I'll have to do something special. Maybe. Kidding. I almost bought a hermit crab yesterday, but the pet store didn't have many of them and they didn't seem very happy. Courtney saw the kittens and melted. Cute. I also had some wonderful chocolate covered peanuts. Heavenly.

Ah, I almost forgot. A week or so ago I watched Rounders, and since I've had a craving for Oreos. A few days ago I was studying and stopped by the bookstore where I saw they were selling a tube of Oreos for $1.49. Milk and Oreos for under $3. You can't really ask for much more.


So THIS GUY decided to make a railgun. Who the hell sits around and decides that they're going to make a railgun?! Apparantly he was just sitting around, wondering what to do with all these capacitators, and he decided to make a railgun. Seems logical. He's out $6000 in parts already. Wish I had 6Gs to spend on railgun parts...
I had a pretty full day today, and it's good, I think. My good friend Amy stopped by for lunch today, so that was lots of fun. I made us fried plantain which were quite tasty and crunchy, an Indonesian peanut-chicken sate which I served on rice, and crescents thanks to the little pudgy white guy with the hat. Everything turned out splendidly, and it was nice to catch up.

Also, some of my friends from home will probably be able to make it to my show, so that's pretty exciting. We're gearing up, only a couple of weeks left.

The Girlfriend and I hit a bit of a rough patch, but we're through it again. It seems like these little spats crop up every now and again, but they blow over in a day or so. Which is good. A day seems like a long time sometimes.

I did Rachel today. It was the last challenging route at the climbing wall that I haven't done yet, and now it's finished. Not much else to do there now... maybe I'll just try to run laps around the ceiling or something. We'll see.


I'm alive and no longer sick. Yay. The weekend went pretty well, though it wasn't particularly exciting, at least as far as the sorts of stuff that end up here (don't worry mom and dad, nothing happened...). My one big midterm seems to have gone pretty well, and I'm back to writing, which makes me feel considerably better. No climbing though. Awwww.

I feel good right now. Granted, I should, things are going pretty well for me, all things considered, but I've been kind of down lately. At this moment in time however, I feel good. Yay.


ack. I'm sick. I was feeling fine yesterday, but then last night I felt feverish and had a sore throat. Ugh. Things have started to improve today though, so hopefully I'm on the upswing. It's lousy timing, especially since we're starting to bear down with the play and I've got a bunch of midterms and homework piling up. *sigh* I'm going to go make another cup of tea.


It turned out to be a surprisingly busy weekend, despite being stuck on campus for most of it. We did lots of role playing on Thursday and Friday, and hung out and watched some movies in the evenings. Adam and I got into some misadventures, including those involving pouring antifreeze into my camping cookware and others involving getting covered with dust, cobwebs, and fiberglass. Good fun. I killed off some homework, then went to Fokken's house for Nightmare: the Board Game; a game that includes a video with The Gatekeeper, a grouchy looking man that banishes you to the black hole and other such atrocities. Sunday was full of climbing in Taylor's Falls, blessed with good rock and wonderful weather. Courtney came back from Georgia on Sunday, which was another joyous occasion. Now it's back to the grindstone.


[daily dose of imagery] is another quality site, though not as expansive as photosig for those of you interested in photography.
An Experiment in Intuition is a wonderful site made up of people describing how to do a myriad of interesting procedures. I added a bit of my own wisdom, feel free to add your own.
I watched Catch Me if you Can last night with Courtney, and I rather enjoyed it. For those of you not familiar, it was about a kid who ran around the country forging checks and working false jobs who was a master counterfeiter. I'm always interested in characters who are exceptionally good at one thing, be it counterfeiting (this one) or cards (Rounders) or any other uncommon skill.

I've been working on the Poetry Slam lately, and it looks like it's finally getting off the ground. Slam on November 16th and a workshop the Monday before. Should be a lot of fun, now I just have to worry about getting poems together and getting publicity. Show up. Hear poetry. Have a good time.


I had a meeting for the Poetry Slam tonight, and it looks like we'll be able to put on the event again. I competed in it last year and it was a lot of fun, hopefully it will be the same this year. The JEC tried to take it away from us (the writing center), but we managed to get it back. I'll keep everyone posted.


My dear girlfriend was in Alice in Wonderland this weekend, which was quite wonderful (ugh, unintended pun). She was Alice, all cute in her little dress and leading all of the little kids around. I went climbing today, and it was the first time I didn't have a really good time climbing. It was too bad really; we went over a lot of routes I'd done before and nothing all that new. I'm kind of burnt out on Red Wing. Then we checked out a potential bouldering area on the way back and realized that the rock would be great, if only it were moved to the middle of a field. As is, all of the landings are sketchy as hell and some are life-threatening. The hike to get there is through brush and brambles as well, so it's probably not worth it. We also stopped by Craft's place. The front entry of the building reminded me of the paper street house from Fight Club. Classy. They did have a claw foot tub though, so I've got to give him some credit for that. It's mad stylin'. Rwar.


Well, I'm back to rehearsal, but things are coming along all right. I managed to get down to the wall the other day and set a couple boulder problems, those should be fun. I'll head down there tonight for a bit, but first I sort of feel like cooking, so I'll probably make something to eat first. Yum yum yum. I think Tom even went grocery shopping today, so I may even have something to cook with.

On an unrelated sidenote, a kid misused "borrowed" in place of "lent," today, as in "I borrowed him a dollar," which drove both myself and the kid sitting next to me nuts. I hate that.


I'm headed up to the lake tonight to take down my sailboat and pull in docks. It's kind of sad, another summer past. Tomorrow my roommate and I are hosting a party after role-playing and theatre basketball. It should be a good time; we decided to have a pajama party, complete with games of truth or dare, "I never," and MASH. Woot. I've had some schoolwork piling up, but I'm managing. Most of it is different papers that I have to write, which is preferrable to studying for a test any day. Besides, if I'm having troubles I can just take them to work.


So it was a bit odd, I talked to this girl on the bus the other day who I had met in passing once before. She relayed to me that God had been showing her all these things about herself. In the previous week she had met her soulmate, learned that she played guitar, realized that she knew French as well as she knew English, if not better, realized that her life's ambition is to be a lawyer, and a host of other seemingly miraculousrevelations. I was appropriately skeptical, though I didn't tell her as much.

But then I got to thinking, maybe I shouldn't be so skeptical. Everyone is pretty amazing in their own right, maybe she just didn't know that she was up until this point. I'm still not quite sure what to think.


I got to get back to climbing some, since I didn't have rehearsal tonight. It was fun, and a nice workout. I'm kind of hoping that I don't have it tomorrow either, since I found a chicken marsala recipe that I'd like to make. We'll see how things turn out. As for other buisness, I've been keeping my head above water as far as homework goes, though I do have a couple projects looming on the horizon. *shrug* I'll be fine.


We have poetry in the dark tonight, and a girl mentioned in a poem that she looked to grass for reassurance. I like this idea immesnely.

This weekend has been pretty fun; my roommate and I hosted a shindig and a good time was had by all. Chris, one of my climbing buddies, even came up for it from the cities. After everyone took off Craft, Lauer, and I hung around, watched climbing videos, and ate pizza. College is so great. My parents came up for brunch before the football game, which was followed by role playing. We are dorks. We had theatre basketball and had lots of fun, then went to see a movie at Courtney's. Today was pretty laid back, though Anna, my friend from high school, swung by for dinner with stories of her neurotic roommates. One is a hypocondriac, which makes it interesting when the stories of SARS and West Nile show up on the news.


This basically sums up my thoughts on Iraq, Bush, and the state of affairs.
I enjoy looking at how people get to my site. Someone searched for Milaca Movie Theatre, nort, and duck duck gray duck. Heh. Nort.
This seems to be yet another sign that the apocolypse is nigh. It defies the concept of a sports car manufacturer, and it means another SUV on the highway. Great.
It doesn't seem that we'll be grilling tonight; it's cold and drizzley and it doesn't look like things will be changing anytime soon. Maybe later this week. Mmmmmm, hamburgers.
I made it to the wall the other day and climbed some of the new routes. There are a handful of really quality ones up, though nearly all of them are within my ability level, so I won't have a lot to strive for. However, apparantly the boulder problems (which are yet to be completed) are going to be tough. Courtney and I have resloved our fight, which is always a nice feeling. Rwar. I don't have rehearsal tonight, and I didn't have it last night either. Whee! Since I'm not in every scene, I'm not called every night. It makes things considerablymore managable. Tom and I are planning on grilling tonight, which should be nice. I got to go grocery shopping yesterday, which was fun. I like thinking of all of the different meals I'll be able to cook up. Oh, and we're hosting a shindig tomorrow night at our place, if you'd like to attend. Between being sick (ugh) and my family-filled weekend last week, we're about due.


I've decided that I like typing. Not typing a paper or anything else in particular, though it could be a paper, but just the act of typing. Granted, I haven't been doing much of it for this website lately, but things have been pretty hectic. I made it into a play, Machinal, and I get to play a prosecution lawyer, among a few other parts, which should be a really good time. The SJU climbing wall was reset, so I'll hopefully be able to get down there tonight before rehearsal. Classes are all right, nothing too horrible and I've got a couple interesting ones. Courtney and I are still together (though we had a fight the other day, ugh), and we still really really like each other :D. All else is going pretty well I suppose.


We had a gathering over here last night, and it was a really good time. It was nice to see everybody enjoying themselves and to be able to play the host. The little rooms in Mary didn't facilitate that sort of thing very well. I've adopted my freshman and found a few other cool ones, so that's pretty neat. We have theatre basketball tonight, which should be a good time. Now I should probably get some homework done.


Er, anyway, I like theo, and I read Beowulf and really enjoyed it. The guy rips the arm off a dragon, how cool is that! Anyway, and my other lit and comm classes look pretty good as well, but I haven't really gotten a feel for them yet. I'm having a gathering at our place tonight, so feel free to stop by.

Oh, and I'm not quite sure about that last... post... er... I'm fine now.
Things have been going well in school, I'm really enjoying myself. I went down to the beach with my friends the other day, which was a good time. Classes have started, and they all seem pretty good. A couple of my profs are really excited about what they're teaching, which makes being in the class a lot of fun. Theology looks like it'll be interesting, since I like to argue ... I am Jake... I am Jake... I am Jake... some people think I am evil, but they're right- they're also just jealous... I am a banana. SPAWN. I wrote a book. Be aware I wrote a book. I wrote a book. There. Book. Write. Me. Pepper. Banana. Green peanut.


So I'm all moved in and all, and I cancelled my meal plan so I'll be cooking a lot. I've made some herbed potatos, pasta, ramen (oh well), my tex-mex salsa, hashbrowns, muffins, all kinds of great stuff. The place is wonderful, and I'm all set for my classes. Happy happy.


Well, I'm back in the dorm and loving it. Courtney and I are back together (physically, we were always together mentally/emotionally/etc.). Tom and I are moved into our apartment/dorm, I've been doing some cooking, and I may be able to get out and sail on the school sailboat later this afternoon. Tough to beat.


I'm off to the airport today to pick up Courtney, and then we're headed to the lake before we have to move in for school. I'll probably be a bit preoccupied, but I'll be back into posting come Monday. 6 hours. Woot!


I've got a hit counter on the page and I was looking through the sites people get here through. Most of them come directly here (i.e. through "Favorites"), but a surprising amount come through searches for "hermit crab's leg fell off" or something of the sort. I suppose I could just try to get hits from random people HOT SEX XXX HARDCORE PAMELA ANDERSON IRAQ BOMBINGS TERRORISTS WTC, but that doesn't seem fair. Hee.
Let's see, what's been going on lately... I took a trip up to the lake for the weekend and went out sailing a few times, bummed around, and read a mediocre book. I also indulged in my newfound habit of eating frozen raspberries. Yum.

Then on Monday and Tuesday Craft and I headed down to Blue Mounds State Park for a little climbing. It's about a 4 hour drive from Annandale, so we got there in the afternoon, set up camp, then went climbing. Rain threatened after a little while, so we hid under a boulder. It poured. We stayed dry for the most part, until water started running down the underside of the overhang. Then we made a break for the truck. Back at camp most of our stuff was reasonably dry, so we went over to the shelter pavilion and hung out inside. Then a woman came over and asked us if we wanted to play Uno with her and her kid. So we did. Later, when the rain let up we had wonderful foil dinners, but then the rain started coming down again. The pavilion was empty, and it was basically a little cabin, so instead of staying semi-soggy in the tent we went to the pavilion. I strung my hammock in between a couple of the rafters and was all set. Then on Tuesday we sent some sweet bouldering problems, all of which were on really nice rock. Then we went to a nice little Chinese place that was deserted when we got there, had a good meal, then found out they didn't take credit cards, which was all either of us had. Dinner was followed up by a quick jog to the nearest ATM.

Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow to come and Courtney to get here. In the meantime, I'm running some errands and packing, and I'll probably do some cooking tonight. 26 hours. sigh.


Hey look, it's me hating work today. Instead of my usual staining I was painting trim, and it was sooo bad. The paint didn't cover well, it was getting on all of my finished, stained stuff, and my brushes were crap. At one point I put my brush down and just screamed for about three minutes, then went back to work. Ugh.
On the bright side I managed to go climbing and pulled over half of the roof at the gym at SJU. Good times.

6 days!


Quite the productive day. I stained my grandparents' deck in short order, bought and installed my new battery, decided to get things done and changed oil on my car, greased it, and started packing for school; I maybe have half of my stuff ready to go. Wheee!
Here's an interesting article from Wired about the diamond industry, via MeFi, one of my daily reads. It's long, but talks about the up-and-coming field of man-made diamonds, and the effect they'll have on the market. A good read.
My car is still spiteful, probably due to the whole deer incident. My battery died yesterday. Yay. I did, however, drop my father and uncle off at the airport, they're headed off to Alaska to go kill things. Then I had a delightful dinner with my friend Sarah, after which we got ice cream which was served in sizes approximate to a volleyball. Then we swung by a set of I-drink-beer softball games and had a grand 'ol time cheering on people we didn't know and generally making fun of everything. Then there was the scary ice cream lady. Oh, the horrors.
It was this woman with a scary little van with colored stripes taped onto it (taping the doors shut, or at least the ones we saw) and the van was lettered with the little adhesive letters that you pick up in the hardware store. She had two propane tanks hanging off the back of the van, and a little yellow flashing light. Kids flocked to her. *shudder*
Anyway, on to better things. I'm headed to my grandparents' house today to do some staining, great fun. Off I go...


I sharpened knives today. Thought you'd like to know.
Ok, so it's been a long time. I've been keeping pretty busy; on Thursday I did a bunch of shopping and picked up a speaker set for my computer/entertainment center for our dorm, as well as a bunch of cookware and a few clothes from Saver's. I hung around photo lab for awhile, then did some senior photos for my friend Naomi. We went to Munsinger Gardens and as it got dark we noticed a bunch of spiders building their webs in front of a few lights on one of the caretakers' buildings. Hopefully the photos turn out. When I got home I tried to set up the computer speakers and entered into a five hour battle with my PC which ended around 4am. Things are finally working now, thank God. Friday was more staining, then I headed up to the cabin for the first time in what felt like ages. It was a nice weekend, I saw some old friends and did some catching up, lounged in the hammock, and read a lot. I even sailed a couple times. I satyed through today, and now I'm starting to get things ready for GOING TO COLLEGE. Sorry, got kind of excited there. Anyway, I'm off to go make some parmesan chicken for dinner. Wish me luck.

Oh, and it's 10 days until Courtney flies back. Not that I'm counting.


Almost forgot, I got a job for this school year at the writing center. It took awhile for things to be worked out since I didn't have a work award to begin with, but they wanted me to work there so the found me a 5-6hr a week award. I'll be helping other people with their writing and generally having a good time while getting paid, so it's a pretty good deal.


I took a 15 or 20 foot fall today while staining the house. The bottom of the ladder slid out and the whole thing came down. Not fun. I got out of it with a few bruises and completely coated in stain. I also tipped over another half-gallon of stain later in the day. Ugh. Pain.


I just got back from a pretty interesting weekend. The week wasn't great, mainly just staining and other such nonsense. It's not a whole lot of fun, but it's not particularly hard and it pays pretty well. I went to photo lab again and came out with some nice prints, and I got to hang out with a friend of mine that I'd lost touch with for awhile. When the weekend finally came I exchanged my shoes that climbing at J-Tree destroyed. I got them at REI, and they have such a wonderful return policy that I basically showed up, said "my shoes broke," and they replied "here, have some new ones." Classy. Then it was down to Rochester for my little chinese gymnist friend's china party complete with egg rolls, potstickers, and egg-drop soup. Tasty. I got to see a bunch of friends from school and we hung out until all hours. I realized that I missed the physical contact of my group of school friends; when we get together we're like a litter of puppies. I think physical contact is important, both in romantic and non-romantic relationships. Speaking of which, 17 days until Courtney comes back. Not that I'm counting.
Anyway, after the party I tiptoed out over sleeping bodies in the morning to go climbing in Red Wing with the Chrises. I picked out a traveling hammock from REI and tried it out since I showed up early, and then we climbed. It's been awhile for all of us, and we just kinda flailed our way up the routes. Fun though. After that I took one Chris to our friend Adam's play, Throwing Stones, which tries to propose 10 situations in which the commandments may be justifiablly broken. Quite interesting. I was also able to catch up with another old friend that tends to fall off the face of the earth for months at a time, which was quite enjoyable. All in all, a pretty enjoyable weekend.


I had a bit of a mortality check today. All of my condolances to the friends and family of Mary Miller, a former classmate of mine that passed away a few days ago. She contracted menengitis while working at a casino on Mille Lacs. Scary stuff. Other than that I've basically just been pressure washing the house, getting it ready to be stained. I scared away a little bat yesterday; I hope he sticks around. He was pretty cute, and we can use the help against the mosquitos. I've also been fighting off bees under every eve. Grrr. My muffler fell off my car today, or at least it tried to. Time to get a new one, methinks. Grrrr. I make money, then I lose money.


I got another rejection letter for Blissfully Ignorant the other day. It's made that much worse by the fact that it was from the publisher that I figured was most likely to print the book. *sigh* It may be time to start looking for an agent.
Did I mention that I fell off a scaffold when we were building the house? It was probably 8 or 9 feet up. It sucked because the roof overhung over the scaffold a little bit, forcing you to lean in toward the roof to keep your balance. I was relaying up 4x8 sheets of plywood, which are heavy as hell when you're off-balance, and my boss told me to do it "like this," causing me to lose my balance completely and come peeling off the top. Lucky I'm a climber; lots of falling experience.

Also in the news, I can't wait to get back to school. My darling girlfriend is flying back a few days early to hang out at the cabin, and then it's off to my apartment-dorm and friends and everything wonderful. The summer really hasn't been that bad; I've made some money and gotten some classes out of the way, but it'll be nice to get back.


Not a horribly exciting day today, though I did get to pressure wash the beginnings of the garage and house in preparation for my staining escapades. I made a wonderful supper though; a tex-mex chicken and salsa. The salsa had cilantro, onions, peppers, canteloupe, watermelon, and lime in it. Quite good. I'd say it was the high point of the day.
So I'm finally back home after my long list of adventures. It started out with my cousin's wedding which was a grand 'ol time. The groom cried during the vows, which I thought was pretty darn sweet. Then it was to marathon D&D where we had player vs. player team combat. We whupped the crew from Lahti's hometown, and had a wonderful victory. Then it was up to The Lake of the Woods for construction for a week. It was not a whole lot of fun. We did a lot of framing, mostly rafters and such, then roof boards and shingles. Lots of hotness and me not knowing what I'm doing and long hours and more hotness. It paid well though, and doing it for a week is bearable. Now I'm back home and ready to start staining our house. Not quite so bad, and I get to work on my killer tan!. Woot.


I'd say the week has been fairly uneventful, but in retrospect that wouldn't be quite true. I went over to my friend Kat's for a bonfire the other day, where a good time was had by all. We talked for al ong time adn then watched The Family Guy to our hearts' content. I've been working at Gail's doing some lawyering, where all has been going smoothly. Last night I went over to the Paramount to get some work done in the photo lab. I developed a roll from Californa that turned out wonderfully. The roll was basically divided between climbing photos and shots of Courtney. *sigh* I also got my car back, complete with baby blue hood. I managed to salvage the flames, so it's still a sweet ride. I was worried that I wouldn't see her get to be old enough to buy cigarettes and porn, but now it looks like she'll make it. This weekend it's off to a wedding, then marathon D&D with the boys. Then I'm off to do construction at the lake of the woods. Yay (i guess).



Yesterday I got back from the best trip of my life. I got out to California and Courtney met me at the gate. Things were great, we were together agian. On Wednesday we went sea kayaking with her parents and went through some sea caves, saw sea lions, kelp, a ray, and a jellyfish. We met up with her friends from home, I got to climb in Joshua Tree which has some of the best bouldering in the states and sent an awsome problem. I got to meet her family, go bouldering on the beach, swim in the ocean, bodyboard with my girlfriend, take long walks along the ocean, and best of all, spend and entire week with Courtney. I don't know what I'd want more. Wow. Sooooooo wonderful.

Apparantly I'm better suited to planes than cars though; I was driving my mom's Accord since mine is still getting fixed (i'll be able to repair it for a push once the dust clears) and the passanger side window shattered without apparant reason. Not good. More details later.


Danger, Excitement, Intrigue!

It's been quite the weekend. On Thursday I ran up to Brainerd to do some legal research, then went to the cabin. The day was slightly tainted since my hermit crab, GriGri, died in the morning. Not so good. Friday brought some wind and great sailing, I was out in full whitecaps and maybe 3ft waves. Lots of spray, lots of fun. The relatives came up for the 4th, and it was nice catching up with them. I did notice, however, that Dimitrius lost a claw. Not so good.
On Saturday I picked up the boys and we headed out to Red Wing to do some climbing. We sent some nice routes, though I did take a scary 20ft fall on lead. Five more feet and I could have decked. Not so great. We also came across a huge snake, which did nothing to put me at ease. We got back to camp late and went about making supper, which may have been one of the best meals ever. We feasted on fresh peaches, seasoned chicken, roasted potatos, onions, peppers, and sweet corn. It was made that much better by the fact that we were all starving and didn't get to eat until midnight, since the coals took awhile to heat up. Sunday morning brought rain, so we hung around camp and waited for things to dry. Eventually we hopped up on a couple routes, but soon it was time to go home. I stayed at SJU with Lauer, and this morning I annahilated a deer with my poor car. She took out the hood, radiator, and most of the front end. It will probably be totalled, but we'll probably buy it back and try to get it back to being drivable. Apparantly the flames make it 20% faster, but not 20% more immune to deer.


Hermit Crabs

Dimitrius and GriGri seem to be doing fairly well, though they've both lost a leg now. That can't be healthy. I did some checking, and apparantly it's from the stress of coming to a new enviornment. I'll have to play some Enya or something.



I went to the Warped Tour this weekend with my buddy Adam. It was a pretty good time, with lots of quality bands and fun crowds. We even got some climbing in, since there was a portable rock wall near one of the stages. There was lots of moshing and sun, and it was a good day.


The big news this weekend was that Tim, Adam, and I got to see Cruiserweight again. If you read any of the journal from the Tejas trip, you'd know that we fawned over them for quite some time, and they finally came up to play Minnesota. They were at this little taco resterant that we showed up 2 hours early to and ate giant burritos (3 lbs. Ugh). The band showed up and we ate with Stella and the boys. They remembered us, and they were amazed that someone came to see them, since they'd never toured near the cities.
The show was great; we were right up in front with our teenie-bopper-style sign (MN heart CW) and we had a grand 'ol time. We hung out with the band a little more, then we went our separate ways (tear). When Tim started up the car in the parking lot, the sounds of their CD came out of the speakers. They were standing 15 feet away. Oh well.


Buisness as Usual

Not many exciting events as of late, basically just class and working. The roof is almost done, but I've got some work lined up with an attorney in town, so one door is closing only to open up another. I cooked a nice Indonesian Pork this evening, quite tasty. Other than that, I'm just waiting for the rain to go away so I can get on some rock.

Speaking of which, a kid I talked to online has a climbing area in Hastings, where Hoffman lives. We're going to scope it out this weekend.


Oh Yeah

Around 2 weeks to cali. Woot!

And here's me climbing. I try hard.

A solid weekend. Friday was my cousin's wedding, and that was enjoyable. Kinda made me want to get married. Kinda. Then I climbed with Craft, Lauer, and Hoffman on Saturday in Red Wing. The weather was beautiful, and the climbing solid. I lead a couple 5.10s and slogged my way up a 5.11a or b. I made a lot of noise on that one. I kind of got into a climbing funk for a bit, but I pulled out of it. Our campsite was choice, and camping was a lot of fun. We hopped on one route around noon or so, and when we were working on a 2nd, the skies opened up. We were poured on, and had to leave a carbiner halfway up a route so we could lower down and clean our gear. Shucks and darn.
We spent the rest of the afternoon running around the cities looking for gear and such, and I got home hot and tired.

School tomorrow. *sigh*

Oh, and we saw the saddest thing on the highway outside of Red Wing. An entire family of raccoons were slaughered as roadkill. Mom and 6 or 7 babies. *sigh*


Getting Crabs with Louisa

I had a pretty good afternoon yesterday. I went in to get fitted for my tux for my cousin's wedding, then met up with my friend Louisa. I met her way back in the days of photo lab, and we've kind of lost touch. We hung out for awhile, talking about this and that, and then we bought hermit crabs. I would add more of a segway, but there really wasn't one. My two crabs are named GriGri and Dimitrius. Come visit them sometime.

Oh, and the Swedish Fish is still there. Go figure.


Busy Busy

I've had quite a bit of stuff going on lately; I'm still roofing, which takes up most of my afternoons. School is coming along fine; my two classes are polar opposites. One has an amusing prof. but elementary subject material, the other has a dry prof. but facinating subject material. At least the even each other out. I also took a climbing trip to Red Wing with some friends; that was a pretty good time. Sport climbing is a lot more fun that top rope, and I even lead a couple 5.10s, which I didn't think I could do. Maybe I'll top rope a 5.11, just to see what transpires.

I've got a wedding that I have to usher at this friday, but then we're probably headed back to Red Wing. The week after that it's the Warped Tour, and CRUISERWEIGHT IS COMING TO TOWN!! Lahti and I are going to that too. Then it's the 4th with family and such, and then it's California! Not too shabby.


When we went to Red Wing one of my friends found a Swedish Fish in my trunk and stuck it to my back window. He's still there. I kind of hope he never falls off now; I'm growing attached.



2nd rejection letter showed up yesterday. Not so cool. I also went climbing yesterday, and faced my nemesis bouldering problem. Haven't sent it yet. I'll probably head out to Red Wing this weekend, so hopefully things will go better.



I got my first rejection letter today for Blissfully Ignorant. It was from a publisher that I didn't really expect to take me anyway, but it was still a bit of a blow. Onward and upward though...
Kindred Spirits

When I started my classes at SCSU I was worried that I may not find anybody to talk to. No theatre types were to be had. Then, during water enviornment, the prof asked what table salt was made of (for the fourth time). The girl in front of me said "tables." I made a new friend.

So I've been having some troubles with Blogger, but I think I finally have things figured out. A lot has happened lately; I've been roofing when the weather's nice, and if my luck holds I'll be doing it even when they're done with my house. It's been rainy, so I haven't been able to climb much outside. I did an indoor tour of the cities last weekend, and that was a pretty good time. I bought new shoes (Mad Rock Hookers, WHOOO) and I'm pretty excited about that. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to resole my old ones or not. I've also started my classes at SCSU; Social Psych. looks pretty tough, but Water Enviornment shouldn't be too hard at all.



Another day of roofing today: I got to use a nail gun. Whoo. I also managed to get to my training wall (the good old railroad abutments) to do some climbing training. It's nice, there are enough little slopers and crips and sideclings that I can make up any number of problems. Good times; I'll probably be back there tomorrow. Then it's off to Red Wing this weekend.


St. Cloud Tour

Yesterday I went with my buddy Chris on a climbing tour of St. Cloud. We started out at the HWY 23 Boulder, and I was able to send one of my favorite outdoor problems. Then we went to the quarries. We climbed some of the problems we worked when we went there with the climbing club, then set off in search of new grounds. We found a unused quarry that was littered with graffiti and managed to find quite a few problems in it. We sent some nice stuff there, grabbed something to eat at Chipotle, then swung by Out N' About to visit Katie and Pete. We climbed there for a little bit, but they have a slick, crappy Nicros Art Wall that didn't hold a candle to real outdoor climbing. Then today, it was back to roofing. I managed to get out and train before and after I worked though, so it was a good day.


Swinging a Hammer

I've struck upon a bit of work, and it basically fell into my lap. We're having our house roofed, and the roofers needed some extra help. On the third day they were here, the main roofer's helper took off, leaving just the two of us. It's been going well, I don't really mind the work, and it pays $10/hr cash. Hopefully I'll be able to keep working for him once he's moved on to other houses, but even if I don't we'll still have at least a week of work just on our house.

Hitting the Books

To fill up my summer, I've also registered for a couple of classes at SCSU. It'll let me get some of my generals out of the way, and I get the credits for free. I'll be taking Social Psychology and Water Enviornment, and I'll basically be in class from 7:30-12:00. It'll run basically through July, and hopefully I'll be able to work in the afternoons. Then it's off to California.



Today I took a trip back to the home of my ancestors, as things may be. Since I don't really consider my family to be from europe any more than I consider us all from the middle east (the birthplace of humanity, so they say), I would say that Holdingford, Minnesota, is about as close to my roots as I can get. Hidden in the middle of central minnesota, it's an area where my grandparents know who lives in every house, in addition to knowing who lived there before them and what church they went to. Holdingford has two churches, a Polish Catholic church and a German Catholic church. It's the sort of area where you meet people who haven't lived outside of their hometown of 500 people and who have never left the state.


Still looking for a job, still getting shot down. It's starting to get mighty frustrating. Oh, and my email doesn't work either. Whoo.



I just finished the final draft of Blissfully Ignorant, my next book. I'll be submitting it for publication in the very near future. Just thought you'd like to know.
Escalamos Rocas

I got to go rock climbing this weekend! My friend Chris and I took a trip out to Taylor's Falls. We bouldered all Saturday afternoon, then went off to find a campsite. Taylor's Falls was filled up, so we went for a drive through the country, trying to find some woods to camp in. We didn't find much, until we got to a planned development area advertising wooded lots. Hmmm, we thought. We pulled in, and only one lot was built on. We drove onto another large, wooded lot, put my (thankfully brown) car near some trees, walked over the hill, and set up camp. It was very picteresque, overlooking a little lake, and all of the underbrush was already cleared away. Very nice. On Monday we ran out of gas for our stove, so we went into town and had french toast, hash browns, eggs, and coffee. Quite a bit better than lukewarm oatmeal. Then we went back in to climb and ran into some friends from St. John's. We scrambled back to where we wanted to climb and set our ropes. We stayed in the same area all day, climbed some nice routes, and Chris and I even learned to lead climb. All in all, a solid trip.

Sail Away

I also got my sailboat in the water this weekend. I took it out once in some gentle breezes, but hopefully I'll be able to catch some heavier weather soon.


Another Day

More bumming around home, though I called the temp agency today. I also read a book. An entire one. 271 pages. I need a job.

I got stumped writing today, so I started writing down the stories I've heard about my extended family. Things are coming along quite well; hopefully I can work them into my current project somehow. Hate to waste it all...



So I'm thinking of going through a temp agency if I don't land any jobs in the next week or so. I let the World Famous Hi-Way Cafe know that I was bak in town too. Things are starting to look pretty thin. Temping wouldn't be so bad though. I'm going climbing this weekend which should be fun, and my writing is coming along. Oh, yeah, and I'm FLYING TO CALIFORNIA ON JULY 8TH!!! Things could be worse.



I just returned from a four-day, 500+ mile trip around minnesota. I went climbing in Taylor's Falls, Sweede's Forest, and Big Stone, I camped out, visited three of my wonderful friends, got one parking ticket that I won't pay (stupid UST), got lost once, almost hit one duck, was nearly hit by a bunch of flying 2x4s, became a godfather, remained unemployed, sent wonderful bouldering problems, was told that I rock by a kid on a tour boat, started a bonfire, imbued my car with coleman fuel, was forced to bash a can open with a rock since I forgot my can opener, consumed one pint peppermant bon bon ice cream, one dish spaghetti, multiple cups of coffee, black beans and rice, an oreo blizzard, motzerella cheese, big wheat thins, multipe other meals, and a great deal of water. I had a lot of fun.


The Book

So I've started on my next book, which would make it my third. If I follow it through to compleation, it will follow a dollar bill and anyone who happens to have it in their possession. It basically allows me to string together a bunch of interesting characters and short stories, and maybe even mix a couple of them together if I feel playful. I think it'll be good for me this summer, since it will give me something with which to occupy myself. I got quite a bit down on paper (sorta) tonight, hopefully I still have a few hundred more words left in me before I head off to bed.

All Measures

By most accounts, today was a pretty good day. I shopped for groceries, made soup, read, wrote, called Courtney (wonderful), cooked, and slacklined. The cooking turned out well, I had a few good walks while slacklining, and talking to Courtney really really made me happy. But for awhile, in the middle of the afternoon, I was overcome by this feeling of listlessness, of aimlessness. I just wandered around for a bit, for want of something to do. I tried to write, but it was near impossible in that sort of state. I ended up reading, which helped, and the feeling was finally cured by calling Courtney and hearing her voice. I hope the feeling doesn't return.



One other thing that I can't neglect to mention. I promised myself that I wouldn't fill up pages and pages about my girlfriend, but this is worth mentioning. My dear mother offered to fly me out to California to see Courtney sometime in July. WHOOOOOO!!!!!!

I took to cooking today, my first full day at home by my lonesome. I picked out some recipies that looked interesting, bummed some grocery money off my mom, and went about fixing dinner. The results were wonderful. I started out with some hot mushroom crustades, followed by rosemary baby red potatos and a parmesan-crusted chicken breast with tossed greens in a basil vinigarette. I planned things out and set up a schedule so everything was done right and done on time. I'm doing a dinner party for my mom's friends tomorrow night.

The Hours

So I'm back into reading because it gives me something to do and it lets me not think about Courtney. I'm reading The Hours by Michael Cunningham. It won a Pulitzer. It's better than being stabbed with an ice pick, but it's not earth-shattering. He uses description excellently. I find it interesting that he seems facinated with lesbians and lesbian desires. I hope that stupid guy fantasies weren't mistaken for profound thoughts.


Homeward Bound

So, I'm home. Abrupt, huh? That's how it felt to me too. I said my goodbyes to Courtney and to all of my college friends, packed my shit, and I now write this from my childhood home. Great. My last day with Courtney wasn't too horrible. Neither of us cried. Of course, this is because we cried our eyes out together the night before. I'm dealing with it now, not having her here. It's tough, but if I keep myself occupied it's not so bad. I read a lot now. I drink tea and coffee. I work on my book. I organize my books and my things. I do things to keep my mind and my hands busy. I won't see her for three more months, granting that no trips to California arise. I hope to take the summer to work, climb, sail, and write. I'm in the process of trying to line up jobs; I haven't had any big breaks yet.

The Rents

I'm not sure yet how living at home with my parents will go. I'm obviously not the same person I was when I left, and I'm taking some time to get adjusted to living at home and under authority figures. I think if I get the space to begin with, we can relate to each other like people. If not, I'll get sulky and pissy and they'll get resentful. I'll keep you posted.



I'm in the process of packing up my room right now, and it's pretty tough on me. Some people felt homesick when they came to school, but I'm feeling the opposite. I'm going to miss my friends here so very much, and I don't have a whole lot to go back to. Most of my friends are going to be gone, I don't have a solid job yet, and it kind of feels like the seafloor is sliding out from under me. I'm a different person than I was; I'm hoping that everyone at home will understand that. I don't really know what to think. *sigh*



She has taken to calling me sweets. I enjoy this.



Well, I'm past the aforementioned hell day, so now i just have a monologue, an asanine little paper, and a final to study for. I'm feeling pretty good about the end of the year, except for the whole "leaving behind my friends" thing.

Slacklining has been improving, and I've been climbing outside, which is damn skippy (or good, rather).

I had a long conversation with a friend of mine tonight. It was one of those things where you were friends before, but then one night can kind of solidify a bond. It's happened a few things in the past couple months, and it's a nice feeling.

Things with Courtney are also going really well *sigh*. Yeah. (that was a pleasant sigh, mind you, not wistful or anything.)

wow. i just used "wistful."


Fine fine...

Ok, so it's been another week. Sue me.

I guess things have been going all right; though I had to go set docks this weekend up at the lake. It wouldn't have been so bad if we would have been able to get my sailboat in the water, but not yet.

I've had a tough time the past couple days; all fo the end-of-the-year crap is starting to pile up. Once I'm clear of this week, I'll be basically home free. Most of my tests will be done, then all I'll have to worry about is finding a job for the summer and the fact that my girlfriend is headed back to California. *sigh*

I've started slacklining though, which has a pleasant calming effect. For those of you not familiar, slacklining is an exercise used by climbers and a few surfers to build balance and muscle control. A piece of climbing-spec nylong webbing is strung between 2 trees, and then you try to walk across the thing. It's different than tightrope walking, since the nylon stretches and bows and bounces. It's fun though, and I'm starting to get better at it.

Anyway, I"ve got to run. It's time to get ready for my comm. presentation, which is worth a mere 20% of my grade. Wish me luck.


So Wonderously Cool
This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. A video forHonda's New Accord.
Appeasing The Man

I know, I know, I'm usually against this whole celeberity awe sort of thing, but I've always been amused by Dave Barry, and it turns out, he has a blog too. Who woulda thunk. He doesn't really say much, but some of the links are quite entertaining. Enjoy it; I did.
Easter Break

Coming home for Easter was a pretty big change again. It's the first time since Christmas that I've been home for any period of time (well, aside from the illness, and that doesn't count due to the pampering). I'm not sure how things will go this summer, especially if I'm around home a lot. I'm still not sure about work. I worked at Island View, the country club that my cousin runs, for two days over the weekend. I figured it would help me get some experience in working with alcohol that I can take to other resturants. It sounds like Kim may use me at other times this summer, which wouldn't hurt. The tips are good, and the help is nice to work with.

I got together with a bunch of my friends from high school the other day. It was so nice to be back with them. I love my friends in college, but there's something about being around people that you have years of history with. It sounds like I'm one of the few that will be staying in Milaca; one of my friends is in a professional drum core so she'll be gone all summer, one will be in Brainerd, another in Sequoia National Forest, and my girlfriend is headed back to California. *sigh* Hopefully climbing, work, and writing will keep me busy enough. I've got a lot of college friends to visit as well, and a few still back here. I don't think things will get too boring, and if they do I can always run up to the cabin for some rest, relaxation, and sailing.



Yikes. All right, it's been awhile again, but it's odd, I haven't really been particularly busy. I digress. The play turned out wonderfully. Our last show was our best, and it was to a packed house. The cast party was a good time as well, but it's also nice to have free time again. It was a great experience though, and it was wonderful to be able to work with people that I love.

I didn't get the job at Anton's, though I'm not altogether sure why. I've got a couple other options that may shake out though, so things aren't completely hopeless.

It was beautiful outside a couple days ago. My friends and I sat outside almost all day. I'm back to climbing too, which is wonderful. Hopefully the weather will improve so I can climb outside over break; we're getting freezing rain spit at us now. I'm looking forward to getting together with my friends from high school too; I miss them all.


A Realization

I had an interesting moment during the run of The Crucible last night. It was in between the last two acts, and I have a long cross backstage where I go from one side to the other along with a group of people. We were walking in near darkness, between the curtains, when I realized that I was happy. Things are going really well for me, by and large. I'm in a play with people I love, I have a sweet housing setup for next year, classes are going well, and I'll probably have a job lined up for this summer. I should be able to climb again pretty soon, and it's getting warm enough to climb outside. Whoooo!
Wow, it's been awhile since I've written anything, so I'll try and cover quite a bit of ground. The play is up and running, and things have gone pretty well every night so far. We ran Thursday through Sunday, and we had good audiences every night. I've had a cough that's been bothering me since Friday, so I've had to work to cover that up onstage, but I haven't really had any troubles. I've been feeling a lot better since the whole mono fiasco, I'm not sleeping 12 hours a day anymore. On Saturday I went into St. Cloud and filled out and turned in 7 job applications at different eating establishments. I called all of them today, and things turned out better than I expected. I have an interview scheduled for Friday, and it sounds like I'll probably be called back by one or two of the other places as well. It's quite a relief, since I wasn't quite sure how I'd manage to make money this summer. Hopefully I'll still be able to sneak in some rock climbing.

I've also been looking into my options for studying abroad. Since my mom returned from South Africa, I've been looking at going there. She made some connections; if I study there I have a pretty good chance of being allowed to stay in a private beach house not too far from campus. Things still have to be worked out for.

Living Arrangements
As for housing next semester, I managed to get into a 2-person suite in Benet Hall, which means that my roommate, Tom, and I have our own kitchen, living room, and bathroom. But wait, there's more. Tom graduates in the winter. When he leaves, there's a good chance that one of my friends who was studying abroad will come live with me. If not, I might have the place to myself.

Counting Crows
On Monday night I went in to see the Counting Crows in concert at SCSU. I was working securiety, which was a pretty nice racket since they placed me up on the balcony, directly stage right of the stage. I got to watch the entire show, and I met some pretty cool people. The best part of the concert was during Long December. Adam was onstage playing piano, and he sang a verse, then started singing the same verse he just finished. Instead of trying to cover it, he quits playing and yells "fuck me! I hate it when that happens." He proceeded to sit back and gripe to the audience for a couple minutes before launching back into the song. It was wonderful.

Last night was our second (and last) night in between the two runs of The Crucible. I went over to my friend's place and we proceeded to play the card game 500 for 5 hours. It was wonderful. I had some homework I could have been finishing, but it was nice to be able to just not think about the show or my homework for a little while. Now it's back to the grindstone.


Oh Happy Day

So I've gotten back to reading one of my favorite books, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott, and it got me to focus back on my next book, Blissfully Ignorant. I forced myself to get the last of my edits into the computer, and now I'm ready for proofing and submission for publication. I'm going to start on my letter to the perspective publishing houses tomorrow. It's nice to be doing something about it again, good to be back to my writing. Who knows, if it works out really well maybe I won't have to turn in all of the job applications I plan to pick up tomorrow. It's time to try and find a job for the summer.


I'm Back

Well, I'm back in things with the play. I rehearsed for the first time last night, and it was pretty wonderful. It was sooo nice to be back in with the cast and everyone else. I watched the show the day before, and I felt like the football players that put on a jersey but don't wear pads and stand on the sidelines clapping their hands. Everyone was glad to have me back, and my voice held out pretty well. I'm feeling well today too, so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to open, as long as nothing horrible happens and I make sure to get lots of sleep.


Sickish. Quite the Understatement

Remeber that sickish feeling that I spoke of on my birthday? My birthday present was mono. I'm in the hospital right now, I was admitted yesterday. No fun at all. I was actually diagnosed last thursday, then went home friday night because I could barely talk. I tried to recover, but early sunday morning I could hardly breathe. My throat was so swollen I'd try to swallow but I couldn't. I came into the hospital and they hooked me up on a mega iv for a couple hours which helped immensely. The gave me some drugs and sent me home. I didn't improve for two days. Finally mom figured we should see someone, so we came in to see a throat specialist. He said we couldn't take care of it at home and that I needed to go into the hospital to get an IV treatment. Here I am. Ugh. Sounds like I'll probably be able to go home tomorrow, and if things keep improving I'll even still be able to be in the play. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't; that's three months of my life that would just be shot. Hopefully things will keep improving.

I've had quite a few visitors over here, which has been really nice. Tonight has been the first time I've been able to get internet access, and even a dialup is wonderful. My voice is even coming back, and Courtney may even swing by tonight, so I guess things are looking up. Then again, I'd have to be dying for them to be looking a whole lot worse.



Well, I have a mohawk now, which is pretty exciting. Red and black plastic will be woven into it for the play, and it should be classy. I can't wait for easter. Not a whole lot else has been going on; my mom returned from South Africa yesterday so I went home to have dinner with my parents. Courtney came with as well, and she had a chance to see where I was from and meet my dad for the first time. Things went well, we're actually having dinner again on Wednesday.

I also turned 19 today, which, in all honesty, wasn't all that exciting. 19 isnt' a real huge birthday, but it beats the alternative of not having a birthday. I'm a little sickish today too, which doesn't help anything. Oh well.


Busy Busy

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately; I've had the play to deal with, scenes and monologues in acting, a research paper, a presentation on social movements, the radio show, and all sorts of other things. After this weekend things may begin to clear a little, depending on what I get done. On a lighter note, I actually had fun at rehearsal last night. I'm starting to find the physicality of my character, and I'm realizing that I can take things farther than I once thought.

The Video

How's this for a sad story: We had about 4 hours of footage from our climbing trip, but we couldn't get the cable to work to get the video to the computer for editing. A day before the deadline for the campus video contest, I found another friend with a different cable that worked. The night before the deadline I didn't sleep at all. Instead, I worked for 10 hours straight, editing and putting everything together. At around 10:00 or so the next morning, as I'm waiting for the final cutting to compile, I check my email. That morning an email was sent out stating that the deadline had been pushed back an entire week. Yippie.


Warning: Complaints Ahead

It's alright folks, it won't be all that bad. You'd be getting a big long rant if this was a couple hours ago, but I've vented some and taken in some sherbet, so it's not so bad. Rehearsal was rough tonight; Sam kept wanting me to follow my instincts but then prevented me from doing so by telling me what not to do, which was just about everything. Then we went to water aerobics instead of rehearsing more, since we have a whopping 12 more rehearsals before tech. Ugh.


The roommate situation looks a little more promising. If things work out as I hope they will, I'll be rooming with Fokken in the fall and Kyle in the spring. That would rock.


My Eternal Soul

Over the course of spring break our acting class was told to create a representation of our souls using paper and finger paints. A unique task, to say the least. I ended up doing the paintings during a period of time when I was going back and forth between completely tweaking out and being perfectly fine. The paintings had an interesting evolution to them; from one to the next they became increasingly more emotional and less based in reason. I finally ended up with a big, firey-galaxy looking thing which I was quite happy with. Ironically, when we were first given the assingment, it was the first thing that popped into my head. I didn't paint it at first because I thought it was to cliche, but eventually it was apparant that it was the only design that seemed to fit.

The Great Roommate Search

It's come time to start looking for a roommate, and I'm coming up a little short. Aaron and I planned on rooming together again, but then he ran off and became an RA. Tim and Seifert are both already hooked up with people... I'm starting to feel like the kid who always gets picked last for gym class. ugh.


The Big Trip

Here it is, the comprehensive journal from our texas trip. It's pretty lengthy, and we'll have a video once we get everything edited, but it may be worth the read. It was quite the trip.


The Horror of Blimps is one of the best short stories I've read in a long time. I would definately reccomend it to anyone who needs a pick-me-up.

As for everything else, things have finally settled down around here. Most of my midterms weren't as bad as I expected, and now I'm finally in the clear. We're headed to TEXAS tomorrow and i'm headed to Rochester tonight to set routes for a bouldering comp. I'll be back in a week with pics and stories.


Highlight Reel

Sorry about not posting in awhile, things have been really busy around here with midterms and such. Over the weekend I kept myself occupied: I went to the Relient K/Supertones concert with my roommate, that was a pretty good time. I was down in the pit the whole time and came out quite drenched. On Saturday I judged the Apollo speech meet, which was a nice way to get some cash for texas. The speeches weren't stellar, but I enjoyed myself. Saturday night I attended a production of The Vagina Monologues on campus, that was pretty interesting. Sunday I met up with Nate, Adam, and Tim to figure out the details for texas, then wasted 7 hours of my day going to a mediocre play in the cities for our acting class. Ugh. Now it's just studying and working on school work until the end of the week, when it's off to BRIGHT SUNNY TEXAS!!!



Last night we found out that Sam, our director, will not be returning next year. He was only on a year contract, but then he was offered a one-year residency. He couldn't accept it, for both personal and professional reasons. We'll miss him a lot. I took me awhile to figure out how I felt about the whole thing. Sam and I work a little differently, but I realize that he pushes me as an actor and makes me a hell of a lot better. I'll miss that. He was/is also a great benifit to our program as a whole, and he'll leave a space that I think all of us will feel.

A Plane Crash

Speaking of which, we had a crazy experience in acting today. We worked a lot with our breath and how it connects our character to his emotions and his emotions to the outside world. We talked a lot about being "in the breath." Going off of this, Sam let all of us disperse and set up a scene in which we were waiting at the airport for someone. I automatically plugged Courtney into the equation. He made the plane crash, and then a few of us were pulled from the crowd when our loved ones were found. She lived. Most of the others didn't. It was such a powerful experience; I couldn't stop sobbing, even when I learned that she was ok. I allowed myself to be completely immersed in my character and immersed into the moment. I don't think I'll ever forget that feeling, and hopefully I'll be able to recreate it as an actor later on.

Cast of Thousands

We also discussed in class how everyone goes through a number of characters as we go through the day. Personally, I'm a different person as a boyfriend, as a friend, as an enemy, and as a child with a parent. However, it seems like I change less now that I did in high school. Back then I was a completely different person, depending on the company. Now I'm much more even, partially because I think I'm closer to who I actually am now that I have the freedom to be me. It's a nice feeling.



Two weeks, three midterms, two large papers, and one graded monologue. Oh, and that's along with trying to memorize lines for a play. It's all right though. I have a girlfriend who I'm completely happy with, and once the dust clears I'M GOING TO AUSTIN WITH MY FRIENDS WHERE IT'S WARM AND THEY HAVE ROCKS! Whooo!


Out of the Frying Pan...

I had a pretty busy weekend, most of it spent watching the Aquilla Theatre Company when they came to campus. We saw them two nights in a row, once for "The Importance of Being Earnest" and once again for "A Midsummer Night's Dream." We also had an acting workshop with them Sunday afternoon. The shows weren't great, though the second half of Midsummer was pretty funny. The time that wasn't taken up with theatre was filled with D&D. Sad. I also saw the movie "Boondock Saints," which I'd definately reccomend.

Remember when I said I finally got my head above water in regards to homework? Well, I did, but now we've got midterms and two big papers on the horizon. Back into the depths again.

Oh, and two random gripes: I still can't find my keys. I also finally cancelled my crash pad order, since it's been two months and I still don't have a pad. I'll pick one up from REI this weekend or next.


Such a Good Day

I don't have a whole lot of time, so here's the highlights: No acting today, getting my head above water with homework, AB on a big Comm paper, climbing was great, sent a couple problems, did a hard route, Austin trip is a go, I went sledding and had a blast, rode down a hill on a cafeteria tray, and I'm going to see Courtney in an hour or so. I can't complain one bit.



What's that? What am I doing over spring break? Why, I'm
climbing in texas!


Things have been really busy around here. It seems like I'm always doing something, and I've got papers and speeches and plays starting to stack up. Speaking of hassles, has anyone seen my keys? I haven't the slightest clue where they've gone to either. Gah.

On the flipside, all we did in acting today was play games. We were supposed to present monologues, but Sam said we didn't seem up to it. We played Duck-Duck-Grayduck and Mat Ball the whole time. Whoo!


The Fam

Turns out I'm a Godfather today. My cousin and her husbund just had a new baby boy, Joe. Now I can shove marbels in my cheeks and say "One day we may ask for a favor. That day my never come, but..."


It's kind of ironic actually, we talked about families a lot today during acting. Sam talked some about how your family is either something you have to drag around or it's something that you can rely on. Despite how crazy my family gets sometimes, I know that if I was ever in an accident or something my hospital room would be filled with brownies and screaming cousins the next day. It's pretty comforting, actually.


The Extraction

I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, which was pretty exciting. It wasn't really as big of a deal as most people make it out to be, though the being put to sleep was pretty fun. I spent the rest of yesterday and all of today recovering at home, watching movies and eating ice cream. I seem to be bouncing back well, not much pain and hardly any swelling (yet. knock wood). I should be getting more homework done that I have been, but I should have more time for that tomorrow.

Krispy Kreme

My recovery has been aided by a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts that I procured on Thursday night. We went down to the Gutherie Lab to catch the show "Wintertime." Not a great show, but it was entertaining. Anyway, I caught a ride home with a couple of my friends and we stopped off at a Krispy Kreme on the way back. Mmmmmmm, Krispy Kreme. Donuty goodness.



Having some trouble understanding Einstein's Theory of Relativity? Well, here it is: Short Words to Explain Relativity. Everything is broken down in words of four letters or less. Right up my alley when it comes to physics. Actually, it's a pretty interesting read if you have the time. If not, just revel in your ignorance.



I'm starting to get frustrated with all of this. I've got to start memorizing the play, but Sam's got us going through monologues and dialogues at a manic pace in Acting, and all of those have to be memorized. On top of that, I've got to get work done on a 10 page research paper for my symposium, and oh yeah, I won't be around this weekend since I'll be having teeth cut out of my head.

This is all starting to get a little overwelming.

I manage to hold things together though. Talking to Courtney and climbing helps. Then when I can't make it to the wall I just look at climbing pictures.
The Dramatic Life

It seems as though I'm taking steps forward in my acting class, ever so slowly. Yesterday we were working through scenes and Sam made me run over the same section twelve or thirteen times until I got it right, and for the first time I didn't take it personally. Little steps.
We had rehearsal in the evening for the show, and during rehearsal he scolded me for not breaking up the thoughts correctly. I fought him on that one, but I tried not to make a big deal of it. *sigh* Acting is a lot different here; I'm not used to being pushed very hard. I think it's good though, it's the only way I'm going to get better.

Escalo Rocas

I finally managed to get to the climbing wall for the first time in a week. It was such a good feeling. Some of the routes and the problems were changed, and I managed to get a problem that's been bothering me for awhile without too much trouble. There was also a difficult start to a new route that had been set; I worked that for fifteen minutes or so before I finally figured things out. Then it got easy.
It was really nice to be able to get back there, but it'll probably be the last time I'll be able to climb until next Monday. I've got the radio show and rehearsal tonight, then we're going to go see a play at the Guthrie Lab tomorrow night. After that, I get my wisdom teeth pulled! Yay.


I've Been Cured!

Today is the first day I've actually felt 100% healthy. Actually, today was a great day all around. I've been cured, I only had one class (which was tolerable) and then I went to put on a radio show. Adam and I went on at 5pm today to put on "Music That Doesn't Suck," live on KJNB, the campus radio station. We basically played punk music that we like and made asses of ourselves. It was SUCH a good time. It was so nice to be able to do something fun completely disconnected from all of the other stuff that I do every day. I persuaded a bunch of my friends to listen, and a bunch of them even called in to let us know we weren't just talking into open space. We just had a ball.


Be Clensed

My decision not to go out last night has been rewarded, I woke up without a fever this morning. The sore throat is still there, but it's bearable. I was supposed to go to the Something Corporate/Julianna Theory concert at The Quest tonight, but I sold my ticket. I don't want to relapse back into sickness, and I'm afraid it'd tear my throat apart. I'm still going to the Relient K/Supertones concert later this spring, so things aren't all that bad.

As for other news, my friend Adam and I landed our own radio show on the campus station, KJNB. Well, I suppose it's not technically a radio station, more of a TV... sound. It plays during the campus' bulletin board-type cable channel. The Senate is working to get a transmitter though, so we may be on the air soon. We play on even days from 5pm-6pm. Punk and pop-punk mostly, we'll basically just be playing the music we like and having a good time. Should be fun.



I started crying four times today. It was a little odd, especially since I'm usually a pretty even-keeled person. Today, for some reason, I was much more emotional. The first time was during a conversation during acting. We were talking about touch and how much it means to us as people, and I realized how true that is. It made me think of Courtney (my new significant other. I'm not sure how I'd define our relationship. We're together. That about sums it up) and how much I'd missed touch. We also talked about one of my friends and how he has trouble trusting people with his feelings. Sam, our director, said "there are people in this room that would take a baseball bat for you." #2 was realizing that it was true, #3 was telling him. #4 was when i was talking about what's important for me, and I realized how much my writing means to me. I invest all of myself into it, which can't be said for many other persuits.

Anyway, that was my day of emotions. I feel good though, a little cleaner. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


The Plague

Things have remained hectic around here; I haven't been to the climbing wall all week. Homework upon homework. I think I've got a little touch of the plague; everyone around here seems to be some sort of sick. I've been working some scenes for Acting, and trying to slog through Spanish. I do have a bit of a significant other though, so things aren't all bad.

Water Aerobics

Play practice was pretty interesting today. We were in the pool for an hour or so doing aerobics, and then we went into the gym to play "Crab Soccer." Remember doing the crab back in gym class, where you're on your back but supporting yourself with you arms and legs? Yup. Do that, then try playing soccer. Good times.


The Weekend

Well, this weekend was both eventful and not. I managed to go catch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Not bad, it reminded me of my family, but I don't think it deserved all of the hype. I also ended up spending a great deal of time with a girl I've been interested in since the beginning of the year. I didn't really do anything about it because I figured she just wanted to be friends. I was wrong. Woo hoo! Let's hear it for being wrong.


We are such dorks. A very good friend of mine spent some time trying to convice us that we should play Dungeons and Dragons with him, since we were a bunch of theatre guys and we'd be good at it. Finally, we took him up on the offer.
Myself and four of my good friends are now converted D&D addicts. They will remain nameless to preserve their identities. It's so very sad. Shame, shame. It's so much fun though, I can't even begin to explain, since it would just result in myself looking like more of a geek. Trust me though, it was a good time.


I sucked it up in Acting II today. We were performing our monologues for a grade, and I ended up with a C+. I wasn't happy, but it wasn't really unfair. I was trying so hard to get away from "angry young man" that I overcompensated and ended up just being dull. Ugh. We're doing a short scene for a grade on Friday, and I think I found a good one. Hopefully it'll help out.


Soooooo Very Cool

We had our first play practice last night, and it was basically just a meeting. We went over the general concepts of the show, how we want it to look, what the effects will be, that sort of thing. The cast was walked through some of the more cinematic parts of the production, and if it's anywhere near as cool as it was in my head, this show is going to be so amazing it'll blow everyone away. I've never been this excited for a show in my life.

One of my friends did bring up a good point though. The costumes are going to be awsome. The inspiration behind the production is excellent. The technical aspects will be amazing. The only thing that can be screwed up now is the acting.

New "I got new boots" Boots!

I needed a pair of pants I can destroy for play practice, so Aaron and I took a trip to Saver's. It was extreme productive. I came away with a new pair of boots, a couple sets of scrubs, a belt, a vest, and a waffle-style insulated shirt for $26. Woo-hoo!



My good friend Zoe came up yesterday. We hung out in the morning, then went out to lunch with Aaron (my roommate), I introduced her to Strong Bad (see previous post), and then I had to run off to class. When I came back she was napping, and we went out for dinner, then headed down to the climbing wall. Play practice was canceled, so we had all the time we wanted. It was hella cold.

I ended up getting really frustrated at the wall, which is unusual for me. The problem was that a small bouldering competition was going on. Since I thought I'd be at practice, I recorded all of my scores the day before. As for the actual competition, I did miserably. I failed at problems that I had wired the day before, and I'm not really sure why. Pressure, maybe. I just wasn't having as much fun.

Anyway, Zoe seemed to have a good time, and se was able to meet a bunch of my friends. She may come back on Sunday with Keirsa, so that'd be a good time.

Mother Goose

I also bumped up the 'ol karma count a little. One of my friends wasn't feeling too good today and last night, so I helped him along and made sure he was doing all right. He'll probably be fine by tomorrow, but he's pretty hard up right now. I'll probably go back to check on him in a little while.

Audition Residue

After auditions and all, I was curious as to why I was cast as Parris and not Proctor. I wasn't sure if it was something I could control (like acting ability) or something I couldn't (like height). I was finally able to ask our director today and he told me that Parris is a tough part to play, and I was able to nail the fact that he cared a lot about himself but still cared some for his family. Whoo. He also mentioned that the girl playing Abbey (female lead) is tall and I'm....well...not. At any rate, they're pretty good reasons for me not getting cast as the lead, and now I'm even more comfortable with the part I recived.


Judgement Day

The famed cast list was finally posted, and I've been cast as Parris. I'm not ecstatic about the part, but I'm definately content. As I said before, I thought I might be out of the running for Proctor, and I can't even begin to complain about getting what's probably the 2nd biggest male part in the show. It was strange, I've never had to go through callbacks for a big part like this before. I didn't really know what to expect, and I didn't know how high I should let my hopes get.

During acting class we basically talked about the tryout process and what went on and so on and so forth. Oh, and I met another cute girl today who talked to me. Whoo! I'm also back to setting routes at the climbing wall when I have the right supervision, so things are going well.


More Tryout Drama

Or Drama Tryouts, if that's what you prefer...

Anyway, our last day of Crucible callbacks was yesterday. I'm not really sure how things will turn out, though I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm out of the running for Proctor (the male lead). While he was letting most of us have a break, he called in 4 people to read for Proctor and Proctor's wife. I wasn't one of them. Anyway, the cast list was supposed to be posted this morning, so a bunch of us went over before the building closed last night to see if it was up yet.
It wasn't.

After I awoke this morning I hopped a bus over to the BAC to check the list, but in it's place was a sign saying that the cast list won't be posted until tomorrow, and that he wanted to see a few people before he made his final decisions. *sigh*

Judgement Day has been postponed.



Oh yeah, turns out that I'm supposed to meet up with my mother this coming Thursday, not last. Sorry mom...
Tryout Update

So, I've made it through a couple more rounds of tryouts for our goth-punk version of The Crucible, and things have been pretty interesting. Yesterday we had the movement and singing auditions. For movement we started out with excercising: crunches, pushups, leg lifts, etc. We then did some free movement during which I basically macked on the stage manager. I think that scored me some points. Then we had to learn a cheerleading-style dance piece to perform, followed by a final "strut" across the stage. I was forced to do the singing since I'm in Acting II, but that wasn't too bad. I'm not really the shy type.

Callbacks were posted last night, and I was called back for Proctor (male lead), Parris (2nd in line for males), Corey (mediumish part), and a couple small parts. I was pretty excited, especially since only 4 people were called back to read for Proctor. Today was a 5 hour ordeal, with groups being called in to read and then being sent out again. Since I was called back for a number of roles, I was in every single callback group. It was pretty fun, but exhausting.

The set of callbacks are up for tomorrow, and I'm headed back for Proctor and Parris again (whoo!). It sounds like it'll be another long day, but hopefully it'll be worth it. I did a mowhawk today, and I'll have to see if I can get some more height on it for tomorrow. Since I do the spikes on a daily basis, I had to push the envelope a bit.

In other news...

Spanish Girl

There's this girl in my Spanish class that I thought was kind of cute. I walked into class early the other day and she was the only one there. "Sweet," thinks I. She's on her cell phone, and it becomes apparant that she's talking to someone quite close to her. Yep, it's her boyfriend. He works construction. They've been together for a number of years. *sigh*

yeah yeah, I know, fish in the sea...


I attended Luma tonight at the BAC, and it was an interesting show. It's a theatre group that performs in either complete darkness or black lights, and it's an entire study on light. Some of the sections were basically just juggling with lighted sticks, but other parts of the performance were just amazing. I'd give it 6.5 or 7 out of 10.


Dump Her

Today was pretty laid back; I just had one class and it was at 2:40. I took the time to do my landury, get some homework in, that sort of thing. I was supposed to meet my dear mother for supper, but she stood me up! No call, no note, no nothing. She just didn't show up. Sad.

Anyway, I climbed for a bit, then I went in for the first round of tryouts for The Crucible, our play this spring. I did my monologue, and it went pretty well. More tryouts tomorrow, stay tuned.

Same time, same great station.


*grumble grumble*

Today's been a bit of a roller coaster. Unfortunately it ended fairly poorly. The highlights:

My comm. class was a lot of fun today. We just discussed the readings. Since I'm a fan of discussion and I don't mind reading, I think most of the class will go well.
Acting went all right, though I had to sing, which I'm not all that comfortable with. I got through it though.
Here's the big hitter for today: I actually sort of enjoyed Spanish today. I know. Wierd. It may have something to do with this cute girl, but anyways...

Going pretty good, right? Well, I hung out here for awhile and eventually made my way down to the climbing wall where I set a bouldering problem, then found out that there was a big enough squabble in the OLC that it was prudent for us non-employees not to set anymore until the whole issue is put at rest. This wouldn't be all that rediculious except for the fact that most of the employees don't know anything about setting routes and half of the holds they set are either loose or have the threads stripped out of them. Arugh.....


On a bit of a lighter note, it seems that I'll be taking a climbing trip over spring break. My origional thought was Austin, but another friend was headed to Arizona and may have a better setup there. We'll see how everything shakes out.