An All-Around Good Day

Yesterday was downright enjoyable. I worked at the law office in the morning, then came home, straightened out things for the weekend, and went climbing. My buddy and I climbed on some rough sandstone buttresses and even did some roped climbing at the highest point. It was my first time setting up a top rope, but everything seemed to hold up fine. I even took a fall on it and nothing budged. At night I caught up with a friend of mine I hadn't seen for awhile and I got to meet all of her friends. One told a story that might end up in one of my books.

When she was a little girl her grandmother let her name a beef cow. It was a bull, but she thought the best name for a cow was always "Miss Bessie." A few years later, her grandmother gave her hamburger for Christmas. Each package had "Miss Bessie" scrawled on the wrapping paper. A few days later they had burgers for dinner, and she spent the whole time crying, thinking about how good Miss Bessie tasted.