Another Day...

So I showed up to work late today. My alarm didn't go off. Well.... strike that. I forgot to turn on my alarm. Anyway, it was a few hours of work at the office, lunch, and then I was off climbing. 40+ degrees! Woo hoo! I just climbed around Milaca, but hey, what can ya do. I had a good time though, and completed some cool moves.

I then got home and started in on the real work. I hauled a bunch of wood around, then went to go change the oil on my car. My father came home, changed, then promptly began ranting about how I didn't finish cleaning up the redwood that he felled the other day. Once we were finished with that project, we went to go take a look at the Jeep, since the tail lights were coming on and off. A pressure switch in the break system had gone kaput, and the wires were burning up, smoke and all. I was blamed for that one too. Go me.