Dodging the Fuzz

So Renaldo* was at work the other day and he had to get an Employer ID# for a certain company from the IRS. When he was finally able to talk to an actual person after fifteen minutes of listening to canned classical music (ride of the Valkyires. figures) he began to go through the steps to get the information. Eventually, the actual human person on the other end of the line realized that Renaldo was not the president of the company, she denied him access to the EID.

So, naturally, Renaldo called back as Singfred*, the president of the company. Renaldo then listened to a great deal of classical music. Again. Eventually, the phone was answered by another real person. This masquerade worked well; Singfred's social securiety number was even in the file, so things went along smoothly. Once the real person had the information pulled up, she asked for Singfred's birthdate. Crap. Renaldo stopped talking. The IRS agent figured he hung up, then grumbled to herself about how it wasn't really Singfred on the other end of the phone.

Whooo. All in a day's work.

*names have been changed to preserve anonymity