*grumble grumble*

Today's been a bit of a roller coaster. Unfortunately it ended fairly poorly. The highlights:

My comm. class was a lot of fun today. We just discussed the readings. Since I'm a fan of discussion and I don't mind reading, I think most of the class will go well.
Acting went all right, though I had to sing, which I'm not all that comfortable with. I got through it though.
Here's the big hitter for today: I actually sort of enjoyed Spanish today. I know. Wierd. It may have something to do with this cute girl, but anyways...

Going pretty good, right? Well, I hung out here for awhile and eventually made my way down to the climbing wall where I set a bouldering problem, then found out that there was a big enough squabble in the OLC that it was prudent for us non-employees not to set anymore until the whole issue is put at rest. This wouldn't be all that rediculious except for the fact that most of the employees don't know anything about setting routes and half of the holds they set are either loose or have the threads stripped out of them. Arugh.....


On a bit of a lighter note, it seems that I'll be taking a climbing trip over spring break. My origional thought was Austin, but another friend was headed to Arizona and may have a better setup there. We'll see how everything shakes out.