My good friend Zoe came up yesterday. We hung out in the morning, then went out to lunch with Aaron (my roommate), I introduced her to Strong Bad (see previous post), and then I had to run off to class. When I came back she was napping, and we went out for dinner, then headed down to the climbing wall. Play practice was canceled, so we had all the time we wanted. It was hella cold.

I ended up getting really frustrated at the wall, which is unusual for me. The problem was that a small bouldering competition was going on. Since I thought I'd be at practice, I recorded all of my scores the day before. As for the actual competition, I did miserably. I failed at problems that I had wired the day before, and I'm not really sure why. Pressure, maybe. I just wasn't having as much fun.

Anyway, Zoe seemed to have a good time, and se was able to meet a bunch of my friends. She may come back on Sunday with Keirsa, so that'd be a good time.

Mother Goose

I also bumped up the 'ol karma count a little. One of my friends wasn't feeling too good today and last night, so I helped him along and made sure he was doing all right. He'll probably be fine by tomorrow, but he's pretty hard up right now. I'll probably go back to check on him in a little while.

Audition Residue

After auditions and all, I was curious as to why I was cast as Parris and not Proctor. I wasn't sure if it was something I could control (like acting ability) or something I couldn't (like height). I was finally able to ask our director today and he told me that Parris is a tough part to play, and I was able to nail the fact that he cared a lot about himself but still cared some for his family. Whoo. He also mentioned that the girl playing Abbey (female lead) is tall and I'm....well...not. At any rate, they're pretty good reasons for me not getting cast as the lead, and now I'm even more comfortable with the part I recived.