A Little Ramble

I was sifting through some photos and such to pack things up before I head back to school, and I came across some pictures from last year. It was odd. It felt strange to realize how different I was back then. I almost want to say that I had a bunch of false illusions back then, but I don't think that's right. I was just living in a totally different world. Well, at least it was different for me. My own little reality.

Seeing my ex-girlfriend in the photos brought up a flood of memories. They weren't really unpleasent, or all that pleasent, for that matter. It was just interesting how different everything looked now that I'm looking at them with a little more experience. A little more perception. I think I've grown a lot in the past year; more than I do in most years. I'm sure the move to college has had a lot to do with it. I feel like I'm more me than I've been in a long time. Then again, I may end up looking at pictures of me now in a year and thinking about how immature I was. Then again, I might not.