S Day Plus One

Well, I'm two days back into school, and things haven't completely fallen apart yet. My communications class should be interesting, though the prof. seems a little... blunt. Acting is going to be a lot tougher this semester, Sam's basically fitting the next 3 years of acting into one semester, since no other acting classes are offered. However, the class is made up of people who want to be there. There's nobody just there to fill up a fine arts credit anymore. This should elevate the experience as a whole. Spanish will probably be tough, especially for me, but the people in the class seem pretty cool. And symposium is, well, symposium. Today we played board games to try and figure out what they had to do with communities. $100 well spent.

Things are kind of a mess at the climbing wall; they stripped the wall of holds to reset routes. That I like, since I was getting a little bored with what they had. On the other hand, the slackers didn't think it was worth it to set routes, so they were just putting holds on the wall thinking they'd set later. Of course, that would mean taking holds off the wall just to put them back on once we did set routes. I've been setting for the past couple days and nobody's stopped me yet, but a few of us went in before buisness hours to set and I guess the powers that be put some heat on the guy who gave us the key. *sigh* Doesn't matter much though; I'll probably be setting tomorrow regardless.