Soooooo Very Cool

We had our first play practice last night, and it was basically just a meeting. We went over the general concepts of the show, how we want it to look, what the effects will be, that sort of thing. The cast was walked through some of the more cinematic parts of the production, and if it's anywhere near as cool as it was in my head, this show is going to be so amazing it'll blow everyone away. I've never been this excited for a show in my life.

One of my friends did bring up a good point though. The costumes are going to be awsome. The inspiration behind the production is excellent. The technical aspects will be amazing. The only thing that can be screwed up now is the acting.

New "I got new boots" Boots!

I needed a pair of pants I can destroy for play practice, so Aaron and I took a trip to Saver's. It was extreme productive. I came away with a new pair of boots, a couple sets of scrubs, a belt, a vest, and a waffle-style insulated shirt for $26. Woo-hoo!