I started crying four times today. It was a little odd, especially since I'm usually a pretty even-keeled person. Today, for some reason, I was much more emotional. The first time was during a conversation during acting. We were talking about touch and how much it means to us as people, and I realized how true that is. It made me think of Courtney (my new significant other. I'm not sure how I'd define our relationship. We're together. That about sums it up) and how much I'd missed touch. We also talked about one of my friends and how he has trouble trusting people with his feelings. Sam, our director, said "there are people in this room that would take a baseball bat for you." #2 was realizing that it was true, #3 was telling him. #4 was when i was talking about what's important for me, and I realized how much my writing means to me. I invest all of myself into it, which can't be said for many other persuits.

Anyway, that was my day of emotions. I feel good though, a little cleaner. We'll see what tomorrow brings.