Tryout Update

So, I've made it through a couple more rounds of tryouts for our goth-punk version of The Crucible, and things have been pretty interesting. Yesterday we had the movement and singing auditions. For movement we started out with excercising: crunches, pushups, leg lifts, etc. We then did some free movement during which I basically macked on the stage manager. I think that scored me some points. Then we had to learn a cheerleading-style dance piece to perform, followed by a final "strut" across the stage. I was forced to do the singing since I'm in Acting II, but that wasn't too bad. I'm not really the shy type.

Callbacks were posted last night, and I was called back for Proctor (male lead), Parris (2nd in line for males), Corey (mediumish part), and a couple small parts. I was pretty excited, especially since only 4 people were called back to read for Proctor. Today was a 5 hour ordeal, with groups being called in to read and then being sent out again. Since I was called back for a number of roles, I was in every single callback group. It was pretty fun, but exhausting.

The set of callbacks are up for tomorrow, and I'm headed back for Proctor and Parris again (whoo!). It sounds like it'll be another long day, but hopefully it'll be worth it. I did a mowhawk today, and I'll have to see if I can get some more height on it for tomorrow. Since I do the spikes on a daily basis, I had to push the envelope a bit.

In other news...

Spanish Girl

There's this girl in my Spanish class that I thought was kind of cute. I walked into class early the other day and she was the only one there. "Sweet," thinks I. She's on her cell phone, and it becomes apparant that she's talking to someone quite close to her. Yep, it's her boyfriend. He works construction. They've been together for a number of years. *sigh*

yeah yeah, I know, fish in the sea...


I attended Luma tonight at the BAC, and it was an interesting show. It's a theatre group that performs in either complete darkness or black lights, and it's an entire study on light. Some of the sections were basically just juggling with lighted sticks, but other parts of the performance were just amazing. I'd give it 6.5 or 7 out of 10.