Well, I'm back from another couple days of rock climbing, this time at Vertical Endevors in St. Paul. I went with Adam and stayed at his place overnight, and we managed to climb both yesterday and today. It was a pretty nice place, really big, but I didn't like most of the routes all that much. I mean, they were decent and all, and some of them were pretty nice, but you didn't finish many of them and then think to yourself "damn that was cool" on the way down. It was nice to climb again though, and if it's as warm tomorrow as it was today I'll probably be outside once I'm done at the law office.

I'm also off to see Something Corporate at the Quest in a few weeks. That should be a great show, though I want to stab Ticketmaster in the heart for their service charges. Oh well. I'm going to a punk show; can't complain too much.

As for other news, my father felt it necessary to hack down an oak tree in our yard because he thought it was going to fall on the house. Ok everybody, what does that mean?

THAT'S RIGHT! Jake gets to haul wood! Wooooooo!

Oh well. Back to school in less than a week. Hopefully then I can track down the disappearing girl.