The Horror of Blimps is one of the best short stories I've read in a long time. I would definately reccomend it to anyone who needs a pick-me-up.

As for everything else, things have finally settled down around here. Most of my midterms weren't as bad as I expected, and now I'm finally in the clear. We're headed to TEXAS tomorrow and i'm headed to Rochester tonight to set routes for a bouldering comp. I'll be back in a week with pics and stories.


Highlight Reel

Sorry about not posting in awhile, things have been really busy around here with midterms and such. Over the weekend I kept myself occupied: I went to the Relient K/Supertones concert with my roommate, that was a pretty good time. I was down in the pit the whole time and came out quite drenched. On Saturday I judged the Apollo speech meet, which was a nice way to get some cash for texas. The speeches weren't stellar, but I enjoyed myself. Saturday night I attended a production of The Vagina Monologues on campus, that was pretty interesting. Sunday I met up with Nate, Adam, and Tim to figure out the details for texas, then wasted 7 hours of my day going to a mediocre play in the cities for our acting class. Ugh. Now it's just studying and working on school work until the end of the week, when it's off to BRIGHT SUNNY TEXAS!!!



Last night we found out that Sam, our director, will not be returning next year. He was only on a year contract, but then he was offered a one-year residency. He couldn't accept it, for both personal and professional reasons. We'll miss him a lot. I took me awhile to figure out how I felt about the whole thing. Sam and I work a little differently, but I realize that he pushes me as an actor and makes me a hell of a lot better. I'll miss that. He was/is also a great benifit to our program as a whole, and he'll leave a space that I think all of us will feel.

A Plane Crash

Speaking of which, we had a crazy experience in acting today. We worked a lot with our breath and how it connects our character to his emotions and his emotions to the outside world. We talked a lot about being "in the breath." Going off of this, Sam let all of us disperse and set up a scene in which we were waiting at the airport for someone. I automatically plugged Courtney into the equation. He made the plane crash, and then a few of us were pulled from the crowd when our loved ones were found. She lived. Most of the others didn't. It was such a powerful experience; I couldn't stop sobbing, even when I learned that she was ok. I allowed myself to be completely immersed in my character and immersed into the moment. I don't think I'll ever forget that feeling, and hopefully I'll be able to recreate it as an actor later on.

Cast of Thousands

We also discussed in class how everyone goes through a number of characters as we go through the day. Personally, I'm a different person as a boyfriend, as a friend, as an enemy, and as a child with a parent. However, it seems like I change less now that I did in high school. Back then I was a completely different person, depending on the company. Now I'm much more even, partially because I think I'm closer to who I actually am now that I have the freedom to be me. It's a nice feeling.



Two weeks, three midterms, two large papers, and one graded monologue. Oh, and that's along with trying to memorize lines for a play. It's all right though. I have a girlfriend who I'm completely happy with, and once the dust clears I'M GOING TO AUSTIN WITH MY FRIENDS WHERE IT'S WARM AND THEY HAVE ROCKS! Whooo!


Out of the Frying Pan...

I had a pretty busy weekend, most of it spent watching the Aquilla Theatre Company when they came to campus. We saw them two nights in a row, once for "The Importance of Being Earnest" and once again for "A Midsummer Night's Dream." We also had an acting workshop with them Sunday afternoon. The shows weren't great, though the second half of Midsummer was pretty funny. The time that wasn't taken up with theatre was filled with D&D. Sad. I also saw the movie "Boondock Saints," which I'd definately reccomend.

Remember when I said I finally got my head above water in regards to homework? Well, I did, but now we've got midterms and two big papers on the horizon. Back into the depths again.

Oh, and two random gripes: I still can't find my keys. I also finally cancelled my crash pad order, since it's been two months and I still don't have a pad. I'll pick one up from REI this weekend or next.


Such a Good Day

I don't have a whole lot of time, so here's the highlights: No acting today, getting my head above water with homework, AB on a big Comm paper, climbing was great, sent a couple problems, did a hard route, Austin trip is a go, I went sledding and had a blast, rode down a hill on a cafeteria tray, and I'm going to see Courtney in an hour or so. I can't complain one bit.



What's that? What am I doing over spring break? Why, I'm
climbing in texas!


Things have been really busy around here. It seems like I'm always doing something, and I've got papers and speeches and plays starting to stack up. Speaking of hassles, has anyone seen my keys? I haven't the slightest clue where they've gone to either. Gah.

On the flipside, all we did in acting today was play games. We were supposed to present monologues, but Sam said we didn't seem up to it. We played Duck-Duck-Grayduck and Mat Ball the whole time. Whoo!


The Fam

Turns out I'm a Godfather today. My cousin and her husbund just had a new baby boy, Joe. Now I can shove marbels in my cheeks and say "One day we may ask for a favor. That day my never come, but..."


It's kind of ironic actually, we talked about families a lot today during acting. Sam talked some about how your family is either something you have to drag around or it's something that you can rely on. Despite how crazy my family gets sometimes, I know that if I was ever in an accident or something my hospital room would be filled with brownies and screaming cousins the next day. It's pretty comforting, actually.


The Extraction

I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, which was pretty exciting. It wasn't really as big of a deal as most people make it out to be, though the being put to sleep was pretty fun. I spent the rest of yesterday and all of today recovering at home, watching movies and eating ice cream. I seem to be bouncing back well, not much pain and hardly any swelling (yet. knock wood). I should be getting more homework done that I have been, but I should have more time for that tomorrow.

Krispy Kreme

My recovery has been aided by a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts that I procured on Thursday night. We went down to the Gutherie Lab to catch the show "Wintertime." Not a great show, but it was entertaining. Anyway, I caught a ride home with a couple of my friends and we stopped off at a Krispy Kreme on the way back. Mmmmmmm, Krispy Kreme. Donuty goodness.



Having some trouble understanding Einstein's Theory of Relativity? Well, here it is: Short Words to Explain Relativity. Everything is broken down in words of four letters or less. Right up my alley when it comes to physics. Actually, it's a pretty interesting read if you have the time. If not, just revel in your ignorance.



I'm starting to get frustrated with all of this. I've got to start memorizing the play, but Sam's got us going through monologues and dialogues at a manic pace in Acting, and all of those have to be memorized. On top of that, I've got to get work done on a 10 page research paper for my symposium, and oh yeah, I won't be around this weekend since I'll be having teeth cut out of my head.

This is all starting to get a little overwelming.

I manage to hold things together though. Talking to Courtney and climbing helps. Then when I can't make it to the wall I just look at climbing pictures.
The Dramatic Life

It seems as though I'm taking steps forward in my acting class, ever so slowly. Yesterday we were working through scenes and Sam made me run over the same section twelve or thirteen times until I got it right, and for the first time I didn't take it personally. Little steps.
We had rehearsal in the evening for the show, and during rehearsal he scolded me for not breaking up the thoughts correctly. I fought him on that one, but I tried not to make a big deal of it. *sigh* Acting is a lot different here; I'm not used to being pushed very hard. I think it's good though, it's the only way I'm going to get better.

Escalo Rocas

I finally managed to get to the climbing wall for the first time in a week. It was such a good feeling. Some of the routes and the problems were changed, and I managed to get a problem that's been bothering me for awhile without too much trouble. There was also a difficult start to a new route that had been set; I worked that for fifteen minutes or so before I finally figured things out. Then it got easy.
It was really nice to be able to get back there, but it'll probably be the last time I'll be able to climb until next Monday. I've got the radio show and rehearsal tonight, then we're going to go see a play at the Guthrie Lab tomorrow night. After that, I get my wisdom teeth pulled! Yay.


I've Been Cured!

Today is the first day I've actually felt 100% healthy. Actually, today was a great day all around. I've been cured, I only had one class (which was tolerable) and then I went to put on a radio show. Adam and I went on at 5pm today to put on "Music That Doesn't Suck," live on KJNB, the campus radio station. We basically played punk music that we like and made asses of ourselves. It was SUCH a good time. It was so nice to be able to do something fun completely disconnected from all of the other stuff that I do every day. I persuaded a bunch of my friends to listen, and a bunch of them even called in to let us know we weren't just talking into open space. We just had a ball.


Be Clensed

My decision not to go out last night has been rewarded, I woke up without a fever this morning. The sore throat is still there, but it's bearable. I was supposed to go to the Something Corporate/Julianna Theory concert at The Quest tonight, but I sold my ticket. I don't want to relapse back into sickness, and I'm afraid it'd tear my throat apart. I'm still going to the Relient K/Supertones concert later this spring, so things aren't all that bad.

As for other news, my friend Adam and I landed our own radio show on the campus station, KJNB. Well, I suppose it's not technically a radio station, more of a TV... sound. It plays during the campus' bulletin board-type cable channel. The Senate is working to get a transmitter though, so we may be on the air soon. We play on even days from 5pm-6pm. Punk and pop-punk mostly, we'll basically just be playing the music we like and having a good time. Should be fun.