Highlight Reel

Sorry about not posting in awhile, things have been really busy around here with midterms and such. Over the weekend I kept myself occupied: I went to the Relient K/Supertones concert with my roommate, that was a pretty good time. I was down in the pit the whole time and came out quite drenched. On Saturday I judged the Apollo speech meet, which was a nice way to get some cash for texas. The speeches weren't stellar, but I enjoyed myself. Saturday night I attended a production of The Vagina Monologues on campus, that was pretty interesting. Sunday I met up with Nate, Adam, and Tim to figure out the details for texas, then wasted 7 hours of my day going to a mediocre play in the cities for our acting class. Ugh. Now it's just studying and working on school work until the end of the week, when it's off to BRIGHT SUNNY TEXAS!!!