Out of the Frying Pan...

I had a pretty busy weekend, most of it spent watching the Aquilla Theatre Company when they came to campus. We saw them two nights in a row, once for "The Importance of Being Earnest" and once again for "A Midsummer Night's Dream." We also had an acting workshop with them Sunday afternoon. The shows weren't great, though the second half of Midsummer was pretty funny. The time that wasn't taken up with theatre was filled with D&D. Sad. I also saw the movie "Boondock Saints," which I'd definately reccomend.

Remember when I said I finally got my head above water in regards to homework? Well, I did, but now we've got midterms and two big papers on the horizon. Back into the depths again.

Oh, and two random gripes: I still can't find my keys. I also finally cancelled my crash pad order, since it's been two months and I still don't have a pad. I'll pick one up from REI this weekend or next.