Busy Busy

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately; I've had the play to deal with, scenes and monologues in acting, a research paper, a presentation on social movements, the radio show, and all sorts of other things. After this weekend things may begin to clear a little, depending on what I get done. On a lighter note, I actually had fun at rehearsal last night. I'm starting to find the physicality of my character, and I'm realizing that I can take things farther than I once thought.

The Video

How's this for a sad story: We had about 4 hours of footage from our climbing trip, but we couldn't get the cable to work to get the video to the computer for editing. A day before the deadline for the campus video contest, I found another friend with a different cable that worked. The night before the deadline I didn't sleep at all. Instead, I worked for 10 hours straight, editing and putting everything together. At around 10:00 or so the next morning, as I'm waiting for the final cutting to compile, I check my email. That morning an email was sent out stating that the deadline had been pushed back an entire week. Yippie.