My Eternal Soul

Over the course of spring break our acting class was told to create a representation of our souls using paper and finger paints. A unique task, to say the least. I ended up doing the paintings during a period of time when I was going back and forth between completely tweaking out and being perfectly fine. The paintings had an interesting evolution to them; from one to the next they became increasingly more emotional and less based in reason. I finally ended up with a big, firey-galaxy looking thing which I was quite happy with. Ironically, when we were first given the assingment, it was the first thing that popped into my head. I didn't paint it at first because I thought it was to cliche, but eventually it was apparant that it was the only design that seemed to fit.

The Great Roommate Search

It's come time to start looking for a roommate, and I'm coming up a little short. Aaron and I planned on rooming together again, but then he ran off and became an RA. Tim and Seifert are both already hooked up with people... I'm starting to feel like the kid who always gets picked last for gym class. ugh.