Easter Break

Coming home for Easter was a pretty big change again. It's the first time since Christmas that I've been home for any period of time (well, aside from the illness, and that doesn't count due to the pampering). I'm not sure how things will go this summer, especially if I'm around home a lot. I'm still not sure about work. I worked at Island View, the country club that my cousin runs, for two days over the weekend. I figured it would help me get some experience in working with alcohol that I can take to other resturants. It sounds like Kim may use me at other times this summer, which wouldn't hurt. The tips are good, and the help is nice to work with.

I got together with a bunch of my friends from high school the other day. It was so nice to be back with them. I love my friends in college, but there's something about being around people that you have years of history with. It sounds like I'm one of the few that will be staying in Milaca; one of my friends is in a professional drum core so she'll be gone all summer, one will be in Brainerd, another in Sequoia National Forest, and my girlfriend is headed back to California. *sigh* Hopefully climbing, work, and writing will keep me busy enough. I've got a lot of college friends to visit as well, and a few still back here. I don't think things will get too boring, and if they do I can always run up to the cabin for some rest, relaxation, and sailing.