Wow, it's been awhile since I've written anything, so I'll try and cover quite a bit of ground. The play is up and running, and things have gone pretty well every night so far. We ran Thursday through Sunday, and we had good audiences every night. I've had a cough that's been bothering me since Friday, so I've had to work to cover that up onstage, but I haven't really had any troubles. I've been feeling a lot better since the whole mono fiasco, I'm not sleeping 12 hours a day anymore. On Saturday I went into St. Cloud and filled out and turned in 7 job applications at different eating establishments. I called all of them today, and things turned out better than I expected. I have an interview scheduled for Friday, and it sounds like I'll probably be called back by one or two of the other places as well. It's quite a relief, since I wasn't quite sure how I'd manage to make money this summer. Hopefully I'll still be able to sneak in some rock climbing.

I've also been looking into my options for studying abroad. Since my mom returned from South Africa, I've been looking at going there. She made some connections; if I study there I have a pretty good chance of being allowed to stay in a private beach house not too far from campus. Things still have to be worked out for.

Living Arrangements
As for housing next semester, I managed to get into a 2-person suite in Benet Hall, which means that my roommate, Tom, and I have our own kitchen, living room, and bathroom. But wait, there's more. Tom graduates in the winter. When he leaves, there's a good chance that one of my friends who was studying abroad will come live with me. If not, I might have the place to myself.

Counting Crows
On Monday night I went in to see the Counting Crows in concert at SCSU. I was working securiety, which was a pretty nice racket since they placed me up on the balcony, directly stage right of the stage. I got to watch the entire show, and I met some pretty cool people. The best part of the concert was during Long December. Adam was onstage playing piano, and he sang a verse, then started singing the same verse he just finished. Instead of trying to cover it, he quits playing and yells "fuck me! I hate it when that happens." He proceeded to sit back and gripe to the audience for a couple minutes before launching back into the song. It was wonderful.

Last night was our second (and last) night in between the two runs of The Crucible. I went over to my friend's place and we proceeded to play the card game 500 for 5 hours. It was wonderful. I had some homework I could have been finishing, but it was nice to be able to just not think about the show or my homework for a little while. Now it's back to the grindstone.