I just returned from a four-day, 500+ mile trip around minnesota. I went climbing in Taylor's Falls, Sweede's Forest, and Big Stone, I camped out, visited three of my wonderful friends, got one parking ticket that I won't pay (stupid UST), got lost once, almost hit one duck, was nearly hit by a bunch of flying 2x4s, became a godfather, remained unemployed, sent wonderful bouldering problems, was told that I rock by a kid on a tour boat, started a bonfire, imbued my car with coleman fuel, was forced to bash a can open with a rock since I forgot my can opener, consumed one pint peppermant bon bon ice cream, one dish spaghetti, multiple cups of coffee, black beans and rice, an oreo blizzard, motzerella cheese, big wheat thins, multipe other meals, and a great deal of water. I had a lot of fun.