The Book

So I've started on my next book, which would make it my third. If I follow it through to compleation, it will follow a dollar bill and anyone who happens to have it in their possession. It basically allows me to string together a bunch of interesting characters and short stories, and maybe even mix a couple of them together if I feel playful. I think it'll be good for me this summer, since it will give me something with which to occupy myself. I got quite a bit down on paper (sorta) tonight, hopefully I still have a few hundred more words left in me before I head off to bed.

All Measures

By most accounts, today was a pretty good day. I shopped for groceries, made soup, read, wrote, called Courtney (wonderful), cooked, and slacklined. The cooking turned out well, I had a few good walks while slacklining, and talking to Courtney really really made me happy. But for awhile, in the middle of the afternoon, I was overcome by this feeling of listlessness, of aimlessness. I just wandered around for a bit, for want of something to do. I tried to write, but it was near impossible in that sort of state. I ended up reading, which helped, and the feeling was finally cured by calling Courtney and hearing her voice. I hope the feeling doesn't return.