Escalamos Rocas

I got to go rock climbing this weekend! My friend Chris and I took a trip out to Taylor's Falls. We bouldered all Saturday afternoon, then went off to find a campsite. Taylor's Falls was filled up, so we went for a drive through the country, trying to find some woods to camp in. We didn't find much, until we got to a planned development area advertising wooded lots. Hmmm, we thought. We pulled in, and only one lot was built on. We drove onto another large, wooded lot, put my (thankfully brown) car near some trees, walked over the hill, and set up camp. It was very picteresque, overlooking a little lake, and all of the underbrush was already cleared away. Very nice. On Monday we ran out of gas for our stove, so we went into town and had french toast, hash browns, eggs, and coffee. Quite a bit better than lukewarm oatmeal. Then we went back in to climb and ran into some friends from St. John's. We scrambled back to where we wanted to climb and set our ropes. We stayed in the same area all day, climbed some nice routes, and Chris and I even learned to lead climb. All in all, a solid trip.

Sail Away

I also got my sailboat in the water this weekend. I took it out once in some gentle breezes, but hopefully I'll be able to catch some heavier weather soon.