Today I took a trip back to the home of my ancestors, as things may be. Since I don't really consider my family to be from europe any more than I consider us all from the middle east (the birthplace of humanity, so they say), I would say that Holdingford, Minnesota, is about as close to my roots as I can get. Hidden in the middle of central minnesota, it's an area where my grandparents know who lives in every house, in addition to knowing who lived there before them and what church they went to. Holdingford has two churches, a Polish Catholic church and a German Catholic church. It's the sort of area where you meet people who haven't lived outside of their hometown of 500 people and who have never left the state.


Still looking for a job, still getting shot down. It's starting to get mighty frustrating. Oh, and my email doesn't work either. Whoo.