Homeward Bound

So, I'm home. Abrupt, huh? That's how it felt to me too. I said my goodbyes to Courtney and to all of my college friends, packed my shit, and I now write this from my childhood home. Great. My last day with Courtney wasn't too horrible. Neither of us cried. Of course, this is because we cried our eyes out together the night before. I'm dealing with it now, not having her here. It's tough, but if I keep myself occupied it's not so bad. I read a lot now. I drink tea and coffee. I work on my book. I organize my books and my things. I do things to keep my mind and my hands busy. I won't see her for three more months, granting that no trips to California arise. I hope to take the summer to work, climb, sail, and write. I'm in the process of trying to line up jobs; I haven't had any big breaks yet.

The Rents

I'm not sure yet how living at home with my parents will go. I'm obviously not the same person I was when I left, and I'm taking some time to get adjusted to living at home and under authority figures. I think if I get the space to begin with, we can relate to each other like people. If not, I'll get sulky and pissy and they'll get resentful. I'll keep you posted.