Swinging a Hammer

I've struck upon a bit of work, and it basically fell into my lap. We're having our house roofed, and the roofers needed some extra help. On the third day they were here, the main roofer's helper took off, leaving just the two of us. It's been going well, I don't really mind the work, and it pays $10/hr cash. Hopefully I'll be able to keep working for him once he's moved on to other houses, but even if I don't we'll still have at least a week of work just on our house.

Hitting the Books

To fill up my summer, I've also registered for a couple of classes at SCSU. It'll let me get some of my generals out of the way, and I get the credits for free. I'll be taking Social Psychology and Water Enviornment, and I'll basically be in class from 7:30-12:00. It'll run basically through July, and hopefully I'll be able to work in the afternoons. Then it's off to California.