Hermit Crabs

Dimitrius and GriGri seem to be doing fairly well, though they've both lost a leg now. That can't be healthy. I did some checking, and apparantly it's from the stress of coming to a new enviornment. I'll have to play some Enya or something.



I went to the Warped Tour this weekend with my buddy Adam. It was a pretty good time, with lots of quality bands and fun crowds. We even got some climbing in, since there was a portable rock wall near one of the stages. There was lots of moshing and sun, and it was a good day.


The big news this weekend was that Tim, Adam, and I got to see Cruiserweight again. If you read any of the journal from the Tejas trip, you'd know that we fawned over them for quite some time, and they finally came up to play Minnesota. They were at this little taco resterant that we showed up 2 hours early to and ate giant burritos (3 lbs. Ugh). The band showed up and we ate with Stella and the boys. They remembered us, and they were amazed that someone came to see them, since they'd never toured near the cities.
The show was great; we were right up in front with our teenie-bopper-style sign (MN heart CW) and we had a grand 'ol time. We hung out with the band a little more, then we went our separate ways (tear). When Tim started up the car in the parking lot, the sounds of their CD came out of the speakers. They were standing 15 feet away. Oh well.


Buisness as Usual

Not many exciting events as of late, basically just class and working. The roof is almost done, but I've got some work lined up with an attorney in town, so one door is closing only to open up another. I cooked a nice Indonesian Pork this evening, quite tasty. Other than that, I'm just waiting for the rain to go away so I can get on some rock.

Speaking of which, a kid I talked to online has a climbing area in Hastings, where Hoffman lives. We're going to scope it out this weekend.


Oh Yeah

Around 2 weeks to cali. Woot!

And here's me climbing. I try hard.

A solid weekend. Friday was my cousin's wedding, and that was enjoyable. Kinda made me want to get married. Kinda. Then I climbed with Craft, Lauer, and Hoffman on Saturday in Red Wing. The weather was beautiful, and the climbing solid. I lead a couple 5.10s and slogged my way up a 5.11a or b. I made a lot of noise on that one. I kind of got into a climbing funk for a bit, but I pulled out of it. Our campsite was choice, and camping was a lot of fun. We hopped on one route around noon or so, and when we were working on a 2nd, the skies opened up. We were poured on, and had to leave a carbiner halfway up a route so we could lower down and clean our gear. Shucks and darn.
We spent the rest of the afternoon running around the cities looking for gear and such, and I got home hot and tired.

School tomorrow. *sigh*

Oh, and we saw the saddest thing on the highway outside of Red Wing. An entire family of raccoons were slaughered as roadkill. Mom and 6 or 7 babies. *sigh*


Getting Crabs with Louisa

I had a pretty good afternoon yesterday. I went in to get fitted for my tux for my cousin's wedding, then met up with my friend Louisa. I met her way back in the days of photo lab, and we've kind of lost touch. We hung out for awhile, talking about this and that, and then we bought hermit crabs. I would add more of a segway, but there really wasn't one. My two crabs are named GriGri and Dimitrius. Come visit them sometime.

Oh, and the Swedish Fish is still there. Go figure.


Busy Busy

I've had quite a bit of stuff going on lately; I'm still roofing, which takes up most of my afternoons. School is coming along fine; my two classes are polar opposites. One has an amusing prof. but elementary subject material, the other has a dry prof. but facinating subject material. At least the even each other out. I also took a climbing trip to Red Wing with some friends; that was a pretty good time. Sport climbing is a lot more fun that top rope, and I even lead a couple 5.10s, which I didn't think I could do. Maybe I'll top rope a 5.11, just to see what transpires.

I've got a wedding that I have to usher at this friday, but then we're probably headed back to Red Wing. The week after that it's the Warped Tour, and CRUISERWEIGHT IS COMING TO TOWN!! Lahti and I are going to that too. Then it's the 4th with family and such, and then it's California! Not too shabby.


When we went to Red Wing one of my friends found a Swedish Fish in my trunk and stuck it to my back window. He's still there. I kind of hope he never falls off now; I'm growing attached.



2nd rejection letter showed up yesterday. Not so cool. I also went climbing yesterday, and faced my nemesis bouldering problem. Haven't sent it yet. I'll probably head out to Red Wing this weekend, so hopefully things will go better.



I got my first rejection letter today for Blissfully Ignorant. It was from a publisher that I didn't really expect to take me anyway, but it was still a bit of a blow. Onward and upward though...
Kindred Spirits

When I started my classes at SCSU I was worried that I may not find anybody to talk to. No theatre types were to be had. Then, during water enviornment, the prof asked what table salt was made of (for the fourth time). The girl in front of me said "tables." I made a new friend.

So I've been having some troubles with Blogger, but I think I finally have things figured out. A lot has happened lately; I've been roofing when the weather's nice, and if my luck holds I'll be doing it even when they're done with my house. It's been rainy, so I haven't been able to climb much outside. I did an indoor tour of the cities last weekend, and that was a pretty good time. I bought new shoes (Mad Rock Hookers, WHOOO) and I'm pretty excited about that. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to resole my old ones or not. I've also started my classes at SCSU; Social Psych. looks pretty tough, but Water Enviornment shouldn't be too hard at all.



Another day of roofing today: I got to use a nail gun. Whoo. I also managed to get to my training wall (the good old railroad abutments) to do some climbing training. It's nice, there are enough little slopers and crips and sideclings that I can make up any number of problems. Good times; I'll probably be back there tomorrow. Then it's off to Red Wing this weekend.


St. Cloud Tour

Yesterday I went with my buddy Chris on a climbing tour of St. Cloud. We started out at the HWY 23 Boulder, and I was able to send one of my favorite outdoor problems. Then we went to the quarries. We climbed some of the problems we worked when we went there with the climbing club, then set off in search of new grounds. We found a unused quarry that was littered with graffiti and managed to find quite a few problems in it. We sent some nice stuff there, grabbed something to eat at Chipotle, then swung by Out N' About to visit Katie and Pete. We climbed there for a little bit, but they have a slick, crappy Nicros Art Wall that didn't hold a candle to real outdoor climbing. Then today, it was back to roofing. I managed to get out and train before and after I worked though, so it was a good day.