Busy Busy

I've had quite a bit of stuff going on lately; I'm still roofing, which takes up most of my afternoons. School is coming along fine; my two classes are polar opposites. One has an amusing prof. but elementary subject material, the other has a dry prof. but facinating subject material. At least the even each other out. I also took a climbing trip to Red Wing with some friends; that was a pretty good time. Sport climbing is a lot more fun that top rope, and I even lead a couple 5.10s, which I didn't think I could do. Maybe I'll top rope a 5.11, just to see what transpires.

I've got a wedding that I have to usher at this friday, but then we're probably headed back to Red Wing. The week after that it's the Warped Tour, and CRUISERWEIGHT IS COMING TO TOWN!! Lahti and I are going to that too. Then it's the 4th with family and such, and then it's California! Not too shabby.


When we went to Red Wing one of my friends found a Swedish Fish in my trunk and stuck it to my back window. He's still there. I kind of hope he never falls off now; I'm growing attached.