A solid weekend. Friday was my cousin's wedding, and that was enjoyable. Kinda made me want to get married. Kinda. Then I climbed with Craft, Lauer, and Hoffman on Saturday in Red Wing. The weather was beautiful, and the climbing solid. I lead a couple 5.10s and slogged my way up a 5.11a or b. I made a lot of noise on that one. I kind of got into a climbing funk for a bit, but I pulled out of it. Our campsite was choice, and camping was a lot of fun. We hopped on one route around noon or so, and when we were working on a 2nd, the skies opened up. We were poured on, and had to leave a carbiner halfway up a route so we could lower down and clean our gear. Shucks and darn.
We spent the rest of the afternoon running around the cities looking for gear and such, and I got home hot and tired.

School tomorrow. *sigh*

Oh, and we saw the saddest thing on the highway outside of Red Wing. An entire family of raccoons were slaughered as roadkill. Mom and 6 or 7 babies. *sigh*