St. Cloud Tour

Yesterday I went with my buddy Chris on a climbing tour of St. Cloud. We started out at the HWY 23 Boulder, and I was able to send one of my favorite outdoor problems. Then we went to the quarries. We climbed some of the problems we worked when we went there with the climbing club, then set off in search of new grounds. We found a unused quarry that was littered with graffiti and managed to find quite a few problems in it. We sent some nice stuff there, grabbed something to eat at Chipotle, then swung by Out N' About to visit Katie and Pete. We climbed there for a little bit, but they have a slick, crappy Nicros Art Wall that didn't hold a candle to real outdoor climbing. Then today, it was back to roofing. I managed to get out and train before and after I worked though, so it was a good day.