I went to the Warped Tour this weekend with my buddy Adam. It was a pretty good time, with lots of quality bands and fun crowds. We even got some climbing in, since there was a portable rock wall near one of the stages. There was lots of moshing and sun, and it was a good day.


The big news this weekend was that Tim, Adam, and I got to see Cruiserweight again. If you read any of the journal from the Tejas trip, you'd know that we fawned over them for quite some time, and they finally came up to play Minnesota. They were at this little taco resterant that we showed up 2 hours early to and ate giant burritos (3 lbs. Ugh). The band showed up and we ate with Stella and the boys. They remembered us, and they were amazed that someone came to see them, since they'd never toured near the cities.
The show was great; we were right up in front with our teenie-bopper-style sign (MN heart CW) and we had a grand 'ol time. We hung out with the band a little more, then we went our separate ways (tear). When Tim started up the car in the parking lot, the sounds of their CD came out of the speakers. They were standing 15 feet away. Oh well.