Yesterday I got back from the best trip of my life. I got out to California and Courtney met me at the gate. Things were great, we were together agian. On Wednesday we went sea kayaking with her parents and went through some sea caves, saw sea lions, kelp, a ray, and a jellyfish. We met up with her friends from home, I got to climb in Joshua Tree which has some of the best bouldering in the states and sent an awsome problem. I got to meet her family, go bouldering on the beach, swim in the ocean, bodyboard with my girlfriend, take long walks along the ocean, and best of all, spend and entire week with Courtney. I don't know what I'd want more. Wow. Sooooooo wonderful.

Apparantly I'm better suited to planes than cars though; I was driving my mom's Accord since mine is still getting fixed (i'll be able to repair it for a push once the dust clears) and the passanger side window shattered without apparant reason. Not good. More details later.