Danger, Excitement, Intrigue!

It's been quite the weekend. On Thursday I ran up to Brainerd to do some legal research, then went to the cabin. The day was slightly tainted since my hermit crab, GriGri, died in the morning. Not so good. Friday brought some wind and great sailing, I was out in full whitecaps and maybe 3ft waves. Lots of spray, lots of fun. The relatives came up for the 4th, and it was nice catching up with them. I did notice, however, that Dimitrius lost a claw. Not so good.
On Saturday I picked up the boys and we headed out to Red Wing to do some climbing. We sent some nice routes, though I did take a scary 20ft fall on lead. Five more feet and I could have decked. Not so great. We also came across a huge snake, which did nothing to put me at ease. We got back to camp late and went about making supper, which may have been one of the best meals ever. We feasted on fresh peaches, seasoned chicken, roasted potatos, onions, peppers, and sweet corn. It was made that much better by the fact that we were all starving and didn't get to eat until midnight, since the coals took awhile to heat up. Sunday morning brought rain, so we hung around camp and waited for things to dry. Eventually we hopped up on a couple routes, but soon it was time to go home. I stayed at SJU with Lauer, and this morning I annahilated a deer with my poor car. She took out the hood, radiator, and most of the front end. It will probably be totalled, but we'll probably buy it back and try to get it back to being drivable. Apparantly the flames make it 20% faster, but not 20% more immune to deer.