I'd say the week has been fairly uneventful, but in retrospect that wouldn't be quite true. I went over to my friend Kat's for a bonfire the other day, where a good time was had by all. We talked for al ong time adn then watched The Family Guy to our hearts' content. I've been working at Gail's doing some lawyering, where all has been going smoothly. Last night I went over to the Paramount to get some work done in the photo lab. I developed a roll from Californa that turned out wonderfully. The roll was basically divided between climbing photos and shots of Courtney. *sigh* I also got my car back, complete with baby blue hood. I managed to salvage the flames, so it's still a sweet ride. I was worried that I wouldn't see her get to be old enough to buy cigarettes and porn, but now it looks like she'll make it. This weekend it's off to a wedding, then marathon D&D with the boys. Then I'm off to do construction at the lake of the woods. Yay (i guess).