So I'm finally back home after my long list of adventures. It started out with my cousin's wedding which was a grand 'ol time. The groom cried during the vows, which I thought was pretty darn sweet. Then it was to marathon D&D where we had player vs. player team combat. We whupped the crew from Lahti's hometown, and had a wonderful victory. Then it was up to The Lake of the Woods for construction for a week. It was not a whole lot of fun. We did a lot of framing, mostly rafters and such, then roof boards and shingles. Lots of hotness and me not knowing what I'm doing and long hours and more hotness. It paid well though, and doing it for a week is bearable. Now I'm back home and ready to start staining our house. Not quite so bad, and I get to work on my killer tan!. Woot.