My car is still spiteful, probably due to the whole deer incident. My battery died yesterday. Yay. I did, however, drop my father and uncle off at the airport, they're headed off to Alaska to go kill things. Then I had a delightful dinner with my friend Sarah, after which we got ice cream which was served in sizes approximate to a volleyball. Then we swung by a set of I-drink-beer softball games and had a grand 'ol time cheering on people we didn't know and generally making fun of everything. Then there was the scary ice cream lady. Oh, the horrors.
It was this woman with a scary little van with colored stripes taped onto it (taping the doors shut, or at least the ones we saw) and the van was lettered with the little adhesive letters that you pick up in the hardware store. She had two propane tanks hanging off the back of the van, and a little yellow flashing light. Kids flocked to her. *shudder*
Anyway, on to better things. I'm headed to my grandparents' house today to do some staining, great fun. Off I go...