Ok, so it's been a long time. I've been keeping pretty busy; on Thursday I did a bunch of shopping and picked up a speaker set for my computer/entertainment center for our dorm, as well as a bunch of cookware and a few clothes from Saver's. I hung around photo lab for awhile, then did some senior photos for my friend Naomi. We went to Munsinger Gardens and as it got dark we noticed a bunch of spiders building their webs in front of a few lights on one of the caretakers' buildings. Hopefully the photos turn out. When I got home I tried to set up the computer speakers and entered into a five hour battle with my PC which ended around 4am. Things are finally working now, thank God. Friday was more staining, then I headed up to the cabin for the first time in what felt like ages. It was a nice weekend, I saw some old friends and did some catching up, lounged in the hammock, and read a lot. I even sailed a couple times. I satyed through today, and now I'm starting to get things ready for GOING TO COLLEGE. Sorry, got kind of excited there. Anyway, I'm off to go make some parmesan chicken for dinner. Wish me luck.

Oh, and it's 10 days until Courtney flies back. Not that I'm counting.