I made it to the wall the other day and climbed some of the new routes. There are a handful of really quality ones up, though nearly all of them are within my ability level, so I won't have a lot to strive for. However, apparantly the boulder problems (which are yet to be completed) are going to be tough. Courtney and I have resloved our fight, which is always a nice feeling. Rwar. I don't have rehearsal tonight, and I didn't have it last night either. Whee! Since I'm not in every scene, I'm not called every night. It makes things considerablymore managable. Tom and I are planning on grilling tonight, which should be nice. I got to go grocery shopping yesterday, which was fun. I like thinking of all of the different meals I'll be able to cook up. Oh, and we're hosting a shindig tomorrow night at our place, if you'd like to attend. Between being sick (ugh) and my family-filled weekend last week, we're about due.