So my family bought a chunk of Colorado the other day, much to my surprise. We have 5 acres of mountain now, and apparantly there's a waterfall somewhere. It abutts a million acres of national forest, and is apparantly pretty wonderful. I guess I'll be climbing in Colorado some.

Also, the play has opened, and things have gone a lot better than expected. Opening night was basically the first time that all of the major technical aspects worked. Woot.


We humans are so FRIGGING STUPID it amazes me sometimes.
This video is sooo very wonderful. Hee.
Machinal opens tonight. Go to the show next week. I don't think a final dress rehearsal has ever been so shaky. The show is so completely technical I can't imagine everything working well at once. *sigh* At least if I forget my lines it probably won't be the biggest screw up in the play...


I just put a pair of shoes in the dryer, since they were wet after a recent escapade. It sounds like I'm dropping a 55 gallon drum down the stairs.


This is also from the Onion, but I couldn't help posting it:

Taurus: (April. 20—May 20)
Your pocket Bible will stop an assailant's bullet, but not before it passes through four innocent bystanders, a school-bus gas tank, and your genitals.
Generic Candy Corn Will Give You AIDS. Happy Halloween everybody!
It's cold again. I'm not so happy about that. We're also running tech rehearsal for the play, which is kind of nice since it gives the cast some time to hang out and joke around. The big problem is that it's taking a long time, we sort of have a Rube Goldberg style set with all sorts of moving things that are taking forever to coordinate.

I feel really bad for Courtney, since a Huge Wildfire is threatening her home in California. Last we heard it was about a mile away from her house. Scary stuff.


The birthday was a good time; we went out to dinner and then played around in a park. Lots of fun. I'm starting to get kind of tired of the play, which isn't so bad, since we open in about a week. We've got tech rehearsals this weekend though, which probably won't be a whole lot of fun. I'm kind of scared for the play though; it really doesn't seem done. It feels like we're so tied up in the scene changes and technical aspects of the show that we're forgetting about all of the acting. This is not such a good feeling.

I also met with my advisor the other day. It looks like for next semester I'll have creative writing, a study in Tillie Olson and Scott Fitzgerald, an honors natural science examining eastern and western medicine, and intro to human comm. If everything goes well I'll be able to graduate with a double major in comm and english, honors, and after studying in New Zealand for a semester. yay.


These past few days have been pretty good; nothing too horribly exciting. Things with Courtney are wonderful, and tomorrow is her birthday, so I'm thinking I'll have to do something special. Maybe. Kidding. I almost bought a hermit crab yesterday, but the pet store didn't have many of them and they didn't seem very happy. Courtney saw the kittens and melted. Cute. I also had some wonderful chocolate covered peanuts. Heavenly.

Ah, I almost forgot. A week or so ago I watched Rounders, and since I've had a craving for Oreos. A few days ago I was studying and stopped by the bookstore where I saw they were selling a tube of Oreos for $1.49. Milk and Oreos for under $3. You can't really ask for much more.


So THIS GUY decided to make a railgun. Who the hell sits around and decides that they're going to make a railgun?! Apparantly he was just sitting around, wondering what to do with all these capacitators, and he decided to make a railgun. Seems logical. He's out $6000 in parts already. Wish I had 6Gs to spend on railgun parts...
I had a pretty full day today, and it's good, I think. My good friend Amy stopped by for lunch today, so that was lots of fun. I made us fried plantain which were quite tasty and crunchy, an Indonesian peanut-chicken sate which I served on rice, and crescents thanks to the little pudgy white guy with the hat. Everything turned out splendidly, and it was nice to catch up.

Also, some of my friends from home will probably be able to make it to my show, so that's pretty exciting. We're gearing up, only a couple of weeks left.

The Girlfriend and I hit a bit of a rough patch, but we're through it again. It seems like these little spats crop up every now and again, but they blow over in a day or so. Which is good. A day seems like a long time sometimes.

I did Rachel today. It was the last challenging route at the climbing wall that I haven't done yet, and now it's finished. Not much else to do there now... maybe I'll just try to run laps around the ceiling or something. We'll see.


I'm alive and no longer sick. Yay. The weekend went pretty well, though it wasn't particularly exciting, at least as far as the sorts of stuff that end up here (don't worry mom and dad, nothing happened...). My one big midterm seems to have gone pretty well, and I'm back to writing, which makes me feel considerably better. No climbing though. Awwww.

I feel good right now. Granted, I should, things are going pretty well for me, all things considered, but I've been kind of down lately. At this moment in time however, I feel good. Yay.


ack. I'm sick. I was feeling fine yesterday, but then last night I felt feverish and had a sore throat. Ugh. Things have started to improve today though, so hopefully I'm on the upswing. It's lousy timing, especially since we're starting to bear down with the play and I've got a bunch of midterms and homework piling up. *sigh* I'm going to go make another cup of tea.


It turned out to be a surprisingly busy weekend, despite being stuck on campus for most of it. We did lots of role playing on Thursday and Friday, and hung out and watched some movies in the evenings. Adam and I got into some misadventures, including those involving pouring antifreeze into my camping cookware and others involving getting covered with dust, cobwebs, and fiberglass. Good fun. I killed off some homework, then went to Fokken's house for Nightmare: the Board Game; a game that includes a video with The Gatekeeper, a grouchy looking man that banishes you to the black hole and other such atrocities. Sunday was full of climbing in Taylor's Falls, blessed with good rock and wonderful weather. Courtney came back from Georgia on Sunday, which was another joyous occasion. Now it's back to the grindstone.


[daily dose of imagery] is another quality site, though not as expansive as photosig for those of you interested in photography.
An Experiment in Intuition is a wonderful site made up of people describing how to do a myriad of interesting procedures. I added a bit of my own wisdom, feel free to add your own.
I watched Catch Me if you Can last night with Courtney, and I rather enjoyed it. For those of you not familiar, it was about a kid who ran around the country forging checks and working false jobs who was a master counterfeiter. I'm always interested in characters who are exceptionally good at one thing, be it counterfeiting (this one) or cards (Rounders) or any other uncommon skill.

I've been working on the Poetry Slam lately, and it looks like it's finally getting off the ground. Slam on November 16th and a workshop the Monday before. Should be a lot of fun, now I just have to worry about getting poems together and getting publicity. Show up. Hear poetry. Have a good time.


I had a meeting for the Poetry Slam tonight, and it looks like we'll be able to put on the event again. I competed in it last year and it was a lot of fun, hopefully it will be the same this year. The JEC tried to take it away from us (the writing center), but we managed to get it back. I'll keep everyone posted.


My dear girlfriend was in Alice in Wonderland this weekend, which was quite wonderful (ugh, unintended pun). She was Alice, all cute in her little dress and leading all of the little kids around. I went climbing today, and it was the first time I didn't have a really good time climbing. It was too bad really; we went over a lot of routes I'd done before and nothing all that new. I'm kind of burnt out on Red Wing. Then we checked out a potential bouldering area on the way back and realized that the rock would be great, if only it were moved to the middle of a field. As is, all of the landings are sketchy as hell and some are life-threatening. The hike to get there is through brush and brambles as well, so it's probably not worth it. We also stopped by Craft's place. The front entry of the building reminded me of the paper street house from Fight Club. Classy. They did have a claw foot tub though, so I've got to give him some credit for that. It's mad stylin'. Rwar.


Well, I'm back to rehearsal, but things are coming along all right. I managed to get down to the wall the other day and set a couple boulder problems, those should be fun. I'll head down there tonight for a bit, but first I sort of feel like cooking, so I'll probably make something to eat first. Yum yum yum. I think Tom even went grocery shopping today, so I may even have something to cook with.

On an unrelated sidenote, a kid misused "borrowed" in place of "lent," today, as in "I borrowed him a dollar," which drove both myself and the kid sitting next to me nuts. I hate that.